Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why do parents make their kids feel guilty

Why some parents make their children feel guilty. Then again why do we feel guilty, when our parents say or do something. My mom has a knack of making me feel guilty, I do not know if it has been going on forever or if it has just been in the last year or so that she has been here. She says things and then I say things. She annoys me so much because she cries ALL the time and won't do anything to help herself. Like for instance she wanted to take care of my grandmother. She moved her here and lived with me for almost a year until I could not stand it any more. But, that is all in the past now I am trying to put it behind me. Then things like this week happen. MY grandmother was sick; my sister had mom's car. Pam, my sister was on a field trip from with the kids at work. So I volunteered to take Nana to the doctor.
I had taken a few days off this week because of the holiday and my sister in law , her family and my son and daughter in law were coming to spend some time here. So I took Nan and mom to the doctor, the doctor wanted to send Nana to the hospital to get IV antibiotics, and round the clock nebulizers. I took them to the hospital waited until they were secure in a room and then left to come home to my house full. Mom was not feeling well either, the thing is she is such a DRAMA QUEEN and every little thing is drawn out FOREVER and EVER...
Now it is three days later, ther has been drama every day believe me.
My point is I called today after volunteeing to bring my granmother here with all my visitors and she did not want to come wanted to stay home. I called mom today to see how they were and she told me she still had a head ache and my grandmother had a bad night.
I am just tired of feeling guilty because I am doing everything I can. I gave up my house for a year! I go there several times a week. I call everyday and still I feel guilty. WHY?