Sunday, May 30, 2010

SHE is causing trouble again

I need to vent this out so here it is. My loving wonderful grandmother whom we call "Nana" is 97 years old. I have vented here in the past how her daughter, my mothers only sister (there are two of them) is using MY Grandmother as a pawn to get back at my mom for whatever she thinks she has done to her. Losing the house my grandmother owned forever was the first strike who knows what the others are. They change from day to day.
I bought my Nana a huge frame a while ago and put all of my families including brothers and sisters and their families in it. She took my brothers picture out of the frame (my brother did have a drinking problem a few years ago which caused anger issues and he lived in the house when it was foreclosed upon. He has since cleaned up his life. He does not drink and he has a two year old son whom he takes excellent care of) She told my mother she took out the picture and took it to the security desk and told them she did not want him to come to see my grandmother. This is the last straw!!!!!
I want to file for guardianship of my grandmother. She is 97 and is being used by my aunt to get back at my mom! This is so not fair to my grandmother. My grandmother is getting slightly confused now and does not realize what is going on. In the mean time this woman has tried to not allow me to see my grandmother, my cousin (her own daughter)is also not allowed to see my grandmother (only because her mother will cause a seen if she sees her there). THIS IS CRAZY. By getting guardianship of my grandmother. I would be the person in charge of her. We could get her into a nicer place. (The place where she is now is a state hospital with all kinds of crazies in there. My Nana does not need to be there. When she was down here she was in a beautiful nursing home. This place is hell compared to where she was here. Sorry that is blunt but it is true!) Anyone would be able to take my grandmother out to their homes for functions they were having. She missed my niece's graduation party because my aunt did not want her there. SO instead she sat in her nursing home when she could have been at a party where my whole family was celebrating. Guardianship would cost $379.00. The court will investigate the claims and my grandmother would not have to chose between her children who would be in charge. She could see anybody she wanted to and live the rest of her life happy!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have two more days left here with my daughter and her family. I am loving spending time with them but I can't help think in TWO days I will go back home to the east coast and leave them on the west coast.

Actually now I have ONE more day. I think about leaving all of them before the new baby comes and I get sad.I am having soo much fun. I miss my hubby though. I know I need to come back home but I do so hate to leave.

I have had a wonderful trip so far and I got to go to the ultra sound for my new grandson Remington William Barth.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spending time on the West Coast

My Ethan and his new dinosaur

San Diego Bay
Bridge to Cordoba, Ca

view from our room

I am getting much more adventurous in my old age. I went a nursing conference in San Diego, CA. I was actually going by myself for a while then a friend from work wanted to go also. The great part was that our work paid for the trip. So when I get home I will be reimbursed for the whole trip. Since Was here on the west coast I decided to stop at Sharon's; I am here till Sunday.
So a funny thing happened to me at the conference. I don't know if I have mentioned it here but Kevin and I have been thinking about moving closer to home and our families. There is a mill in Ohio about 3 hours from home and Kevin does know the plant manager. So I have been looking at hospitals in the area. OK, so I get to the conference go to my first session a special interest group (sig) about breast cancer and one of the women in charge was from the hospital I was checking out in Ohio! Funny, huh! I talked to her and told her we were thinking about possibly moving to the area. She told me to stop at their booth and talk to the nurse recruiter. I could not find them at that time.
Next day I wanted to go to a talk about neuro-cancer. I ended up in the room with the surgical oncology sig. Several of the people in this group were from OHIO!! I actually will probably work more closely with them on a few projects from national. I finally did find their table and one of the girls from the sig were there and gave me the nurse recruiters card to contact her. Hmmmmmmmm!!!
I went all the way to San Diego to meet people from Ohio! Think someone was trying to tell me something????!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Better Now

I am feeling much better now which makes me wonder if maybe I did not have some kind of bug last week. I am in Florence SC now and it is 4am. I have no clue why I am awake. I just woke up and here I am. Kevin and I like to go to Nascar races. So we are here to go to the Darlington Race. I am working with the Head and Neck team from MUSC helping out with screenings for head and neck cancer. We are staying in a garage appartment of one of the salesman Kevin knows. It is very nice! Just wentd to post a little note letting all know I am better now and not feeling sorry for myself any more.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you want cheese with that Whine

Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up at 2am and had my head in the toilet for an hour or more. What a way to start a birthday. I was supposed to work. I heard the alarm, got up and even got a shower. I tried to eat a yogurt it made me terribly nauseous. I called off of work and went back to bed. I fell asleep woke up at 10am. All I kept thinking when I woke up is today is my birthday do I have to have this today! Kevin would not let me feel sorry for my self, because he is the greatest husband in the world so he made me get a shower and get out of the house. So why my title about whining you may be asking.
Well I am so tired of trying to do the right thing and eat the right thing so my body will be happy. If I eat too many carbs my blood sugar goes up, so I try to eat less carbs and more protien and MY Stomach acts up! This is crazy!!!I hate it!! I have to be able to handle it though because this is my life now! Arhhh!!! Just had to get all this off my chest.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My birthday present from my hubby

My wonderful husband bought me a new camera for my birthday. Now I can take pictures like I used to when the kids were younger and I had a good camera. Infact all the lenses from my old camera will fit this camera. I like scenery so I will most likely take pictures of places that inspire me. I will post some when I take them. I am sooo excited!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I have a job interview on Wednesday morning. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. I would love the job it is a nurse navigator job in the mammo department. I would take care of coordinating all care for those who have a mammo problem. It is a Mon- Fri job 8-4:30. I can ride the bus to work so I will not have to drive every day.
I am apprehensive because Kevin has talked to his bosses about a lateral move closer to home and I do not know what is happening with that. I would hate to start a new job and then he get a transfer and move but I really do not know what is happening with that yet.
I have to go to the interview to get particulars but what to do?? what to do?? and of course I have not been hired anywhere yet.
Sometimes I just need to talk and get the thoughts out of my head so they go here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am me and God loves me

Sometimes in my life I can see the Lord working. Sometimes in my life I feel like I am not so close and do not see it. I have to admit I am not the perfect Christan. I try to read The Word every day but sometimes I don't. I try to pray formally every day but sometimes I do not. I do talk to God often through out the day but I do not lock myself in a prayer closet often enough. I am selfish and think about my self. I do not take care of my self as I should. I am lazy some times. I hate to exercise. I should be walking the dog now it is beautiful outside and I am in here on the computer. I know that Jesus loves me. No matter what I do or who I am. Sometimes I just want to be lazy and a couch potato; sometimes I want to be outside enjoying the sun shine and the blue skies.
No matter where I go or what I do I know that I am a child of God. I know that in the core of my being. I know He sent His son to die for me and I know He is always with me. Sometimes my focus gets shifted and I look at me instead of looking at God. I am human, God made me that way.
So today I appaud the God who created me and the God who made me the way I am. I will do my best to be the person He wants me to be. I am also going to try to watch so I can see God working in my life and be the person He made me to be.