Saturday, November 25, 2017

Dear John, Dear Samantha

Its been more than a year now. I miss you so much. Every time something happens in my life good or bad I want to call you. I want to tell you whats happening. How the crazy family is doing with out you; how all the kids are doing; mainly I just want to hear your voice one more time. I want to hear you say my name "Hey Beck!" the way only you could. I want to hear your laugh. I want to see your wonderful face!

I moved back home to Pittsburgh. Kevin and I have a house nested in the woods just like you would imagine Kevin would have. I love my new job. It is just the job I have wanted. I wish I could tell you that.
My daughter's divorce is final a year now, I wish I could talk to you about all the details and everything that has happened since then, tell you about the crazy things her boys say and do. My son has a new position as a senior pastor of a church, you would be so proud of him, you would love his family.

Mom is doing ok. She is taking less medications now and seems a lot like her old self, although just as crazy.

Our sister, you know the one you who says you are her favorite, she is still hurting. Having a really rough time with the loss of you. She walks through each day but is really not dealing well.

We still cry a lot. I miss you so much!
Your Loving Sister

Dear Sam,

Just one short year ago from today you were fighting so very hard to get your life back! You had hope that you would come home to your family. But that never happened. I wish I could have come to see you.
I miss you sweetheart! I cry for you too.
Your loving aunt