Sunday, June 29, 2014


Feelings, we all have them. Some a little more than others. Some are said to wear their heart on their sleeve so they get their feelings hurt a little easier. Some make people think they are tough as nails but in truth they have them too. Me, I do have them! I have always been an emotional person, but now it seems it is in OVER DRIVE! Is this menopause? Or just me moving into the next phase of my life where someone can hurt my feelings by saying a few simple words? Am I really this sensitive? Have I always been this way and now I am just noticing more? I don't think I have always been this way. I am told and know women get more emotional at times. Well, I don't want to be this emotional any more.

Who has time to have a break down, I sure don't. as you can see from my last post I have had Bells Palsy recently maybe that affected my feelings. I recently had an argument with my sister also maybe that affected my feelings. My uncle who had cancer passed away and i went to a memorial service for him, I know that affected my feelings. There are times when nothing in particular is going on just my daily life and something strikes me and I get emotional.  That's the things I am talking about not the illness, the fight with family or loosing of a loved one. The thing that means really nothing at all that affects you like you were hit with a ton of bricks that is what I am talking about.

How do we handle this?? Me, I have mini melt downs when no one is looking. Yeah, I cry at night when no one is looking or I write a blog like this to get it out there. There are times when I just can't hold it back and cry at the stupid commercial or when my favorite soap character cries! Yes, I am that emotional person and I guess I do wear my feelings on my sleeve....

But that is me! Slobbery wet eyes and all!