Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mickey Mouse and the Triage Nurse

Ok everyone who reads my blog knows I was out on the west coast with my daughter and her family, loving on my boy (the grand sons). The boys started coughing right before I left. I spent my days out there snuggling and loving on the boys. When I got home I started coughing. Last week was OK just your normal sinus stuff because I am allergic to spring. I did not think anything of it. Then over the weekend I started coughing. I went to work yesterday. If you don't know I am a triage nurse in a local cancer center. I answer ALL the sick calls that come into the cancer center. I talk to about 15-30 people on the phone every day, besides talking to other nurses, doctors, pharmacies, home health agencies. In other words I NEED to talk.
Last night I was coughing a lot. I over medicated my self with cough medicine, benadryl, and my nasal spray of course I am a nurse I know how to take care of sick people. I remember looking at the clock last at 2am. So I decided to go to the doctor today. I text my boss to let her know but had full intention of going to work. I called the operators to let them know to let my boss know I would be there after the doctor. I tried to talk. I sounded like Mickey Mouse....My operator co-worker said "What I can't hear you!" I went to the doctor. I have an upper respiratory infection which is draining into my throat and irritating my larynx causing laryngitis! Now remember what I do for a living I TALK!! While sitting in the doctors office I checked email on my phone. Sent my boss a message and told her I would call after I was done there. I called......Its true I sound like Mickey Mouse!! SO I am home today resting my voice hoping it gets better tomorrow after the prescription drugs from the doctor...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My first tanning bed experience......OUCH!!

I went to the tanning bed for my first time ever because my husband and I are going on a cruise to the Bahamas for my birthday in a few weeks. I was told I should get some tan before I go. So I went to the gym, joined, did my 30 min work out, then went into the tanning bed. It was a stand up tanning bed so I thought that was good. I could see out of it so I was not locked in a closet that's good. No claustrophobia attack good. Ok so Kev told me you go in naked; not me I did not want to take a chance a burned butt so I wore my under ware. The experience was good. It was warm felt like I was in the sun. I love the feel of the sun on my skin. BUT in the SUN I WEAR SUN SCREEN! I asked the attendant which one of their lotions had sunscreen they did not know and I could not wear sun screen for the natural sun. As I got out I noticed a sign on the side of the tanning booth I did not see before I went in. It said for fair skin first time 3-5 minutes. O my they told me the tanning booth was for 9 minutes and that's how long I stayed in. At first I did not feel anything. By the time I went to bed last night I was a little pink and tender under my arms on my side. Tonight HURT!!!
I am RED!!! I looked in the mirror I look the Bob the Tomato!

Word to those who want to tan in a bed and never have LOOK FOR SIGNS! DO NOT STAY IN FOR THE WHOLE TIME THE FIRST TIME!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Hardest Part

I love coming out here to visit my daughter and her family or going to see my son and his family. But then I have to leave and go home. That is the hardest part. I wish I did not have to leave but I wish they did not live so far away. But I can't tell them where to live. I try to drop suttle hints but it does not work they are grown now and have families of their own. I would baby sit when ever for free! They could go on dates with their husband/wife. But it doesn't work. They are grown and not coming back home now. So I am sad. What am I supposed to do now? My heart hurts and I want to cry; I probably will tomorrow when I have to leave for the plane. It hurts more and more every time. Will it ever get better?

Friday, April 15, 2011

The First of Special People Blog

Another of my blog friends Cindy is having a note card give away and one of her commenter had an idea to send 7 note cards in the mail for 7 people who have encouraged me this year. I think what I am going to do is dedicate one blog a month to the person I will send a card to that month to thank them for encouraging me. Since I am at my daughter's house now I will have to stop and get a card for this special person. We are going to get Sharon (dd) some dress pants today so I will get the card. First I would have to say my grandmother who we call Nana would be the first person I want to dedicate a blog and send a card to. She was always there for me when I was a kid and when I was grown up. I moved in with my dad when I was18 and the Jan of the next year my grandfather died. I had not seen him for a while before he got sick. (long story) After that I made sure I spent time with my grandmother and I did every week and sometimes more. She helped me out when my kids were born; came to my house when I was sick to take care of them. She gave me rides to the doctors; in fact I got my license because of her (it was her driving it scared me! LOL!)
When I moved farther away I still made an effort to see her. She had all the family together at her house every Sunday for dinner and of course every holiday. She cooked and baked that was how she showed her love to us. At Nana's you always had to "Eat! get a sandwich! Eat!" Pizzelles are Italian cookies and my Nana made millions of them in her days. She made some for her house every holiday, and a few dozen for everyone else's house.
She was the glue that held our family together. She is still a special lady! She lives in a nursing home back in Pittsburgh. She has some short term memory loss and does not always answer the phone anymore so I send her cards and presents in the mail. So today I am dedicating my first special person blog and card to my wonderful Nana.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window It is dark now. It is 9:44 west coast time so it is later in my world. But I am sitting in my daughters kitchen...Came to spend some time with them.

What am I wearing: Jeans and a brown t-shirt. It has one of those swoop necks I tried to buy some tanks today because I forgot mine and am too old to show cleavage but what I bought was a boys size t shirt tanks instead of mens. SO tomorrow I will have to take them back. I can't forget my funky smiley socks I love them.

What am I reading: I am almost finished with my Dean Koontz book but I have listened to a few books on audio I can recommend. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo is the story of his son who when he was 4 years old had a near death experience and went to heaven. It was very good and makes you think because this child knew things he could not possibly know as a 4 year old. Take two, three and now listening to four by Karen Kingsbury...I love her!

What I am studying: Right now I am in a class of Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing. We are learning how to teach differnt kinds of learners so they actually learn.

What am I thinking: I am still thinking about moving closer to home; then I am here with my daughter and grand sons and thinks about moving here or when I am with my son I think about moving close to him. I am really just all about family and think about living close to my family all the time. I sometimes wish I had the kind of family where everyone would get together for Sunday dinner like we did when I was a child at my grandmothers.

What am I dreaming about: Really the same as above. I pray that it will work out to move closer to home; and my daughter and son and their families will too.

I think that is all for tonight......good night all...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just a Little Note

I am at my daughter's house in Oregon. I love spending time here with her family. I am so blessed. I love my daughter; she is wonderful and unique; hard to the core where it is soft and mushy. But not everyone knows that mushy side of her; I do. Her husband is a great guy he is funny and an all round great guy. My grandson Ethan is my first grand child. He makes me feel special because he loves me so much. I am smothered by hugs and kisses when I am here and miss them terribly when I go home. He is smart and funny and all boy. It makes me laugh sometimes just because he is all boy. Like when we went to the toy store today and we had a nerf sword fight in the middle of the toy store. I told his momma I could get him to dance and sing Grease Lightening on the street corner with me but she threatened to disown me if we did. Then there's Remy my sweet baby grandson. he is 9 months old and adorable. I peak my head into his room he looks up and smiles from ear to ear with his two bottom teeth showing. When I hold him he pets my hair and he loves to laugh is ticklish all over.
I just want to take this time Lord to say Thank you for my baby girl and her family and for this time that I get to spend with them.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hard Times

It is always hard to loose someone you love but sometime I think it is harder to have some one you love loose someone. My dear sister in law lost her mom last week. The funeral and service were this past weekend. Today they are cremating the body. I spoke with my brother last week. He is also broken. He met my sister in law when he was a crazy teenager and her mom took him in like he was one of her own. Over the years they have had many wonderful memories. My nephew who is 16 this year just got his first car. He wanted to take his Meme for a ride but she never got to go. I told him I believe she can see it and is happy for him. If you read this please pray for the Taylor and Beaudry families. Thank you