Sunday, July 12, 2009

Do not think it matters

I am at work today and I am disturbed by a sermon I heard as I entered a patients room. The minister, I guess that is who he was, was using biblical history and text to prove that Jesus was a black man. Why does this matter? Will it change my life or my salvation, NO! Will it help another person to come to Christ; I do not know. Will it save souls? That should be the real question this minister is asking himself. I am disturbed by this because the minister could have been preaching so many other things that could help encourage people to follow Christ; he could have been ministering to the lost or enlisting Christians to do the Lord's work. But he was waisting his time just to prove whether Jesus was white or black.
I guess I do not understand all this. We are all God's children! Black, white, yellow, red or any other color. Jesus died on the cross for ALL! Not for white man or black man FOR ALL. So why does this matter.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My house is quiet for about a week

Hello all. I have not been here as much because it is summer in South Carolina and all the families live up north. So we are the vacation spot. My brother -in law, his wife and three kids ranging in ages from 5-10. They were a bundle of activity really making my husband and I realize we are not young parents anymore. We went to the beach, to Cypress Gardens where we road a row boat through the swamp, back to the beach and back to the beach again. They rode the waves, played in the sand and found a record number of sand dollars, 31 to be exact! I am at work today, my husband is at home his brother left about 2 hours ago and he tells me the house is very quiet an he does not know what to do with him self.

So we have quiet for about a week then my brother comes to town then the rest of my family, (my mom, sister Kellie and her daughterJ'Leah, sister NMorma and her family). Atleast they are all staying in a beach house about an hour from me; I am going to stay with them for a few days. Then in August Kevin's sister and her family are coming down. So I will continue checking in from time to time and keep y'all updated as much as I can.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy as always

Summer does not change things for me. I am busy as always but with family visiting a couple times a month. This weekend my brother-in law and his family will come down for a vacation. Yes we are the vacation spot. In a few weeks my family well my brother John from Maine, my two sisters from Pittsburgh, and my mom will come down for a week. I will meet my new niece who was adopted by my brother from China last year. Then in August so far my sister-in-law and her girls are coming down....So today I have school work to do, finish cleaning the house, go grocery shopping, make dinner and finally go have some coffee with my friend Carey (that's our thing we go to have coffee, well she has coffee I have tea, at Starbucks) at least once a week. then back to work tomorrow and Saturday. All this visiting and I still have school, work and every once in a while I take time to go to the beach to listen to the waves and feel the warmth of the sun. AAAHHH gotta love summer in South Carolina.