Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hodge Podge Wednesday

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?

Hang a flag on holidays honoring veterans. Tell them you appreciate what they are doing, or have done to serve their country. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Border Patrol workers should be appreciated too! They serve in the battle called USA!

2. Besides a flag, what is something you own that is red, white, and blue?
Actually I do not think I do..I do have red things, blue things and white things but not together.  Just my flags.

3. Does love really conquer all?
The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:12-13 What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror; then we shall see face-to-face. What I know now is only partial; then it will come complete- as complete as God's image of me. Meanwhile these three things remain faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.
So God says love is pretty powerful....So I'll have to agree with Him!

4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?
Strawberry shortcake.....strawberry ANYTHING!  YUMMY!!

5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?
Not really do I share personal stuff but I do talk to her. It is a her now was a him for 15 years in SC.

6. Does money lead to selfishness?
I sure hope not cause I plan on winning the Power Ball tonight! LOL!
Actually all kidding aside I think money does not cause selfishness. A person can be selfish and poor also!

7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing?
I would have to say my kitchen counter tops  and bar stools with my hubby sit on it there.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I did not pass the dreaded EKG test so I have to take it again! As you know I am also not happy about the job. Well at this time I think they are not happy with me because I spoke up. So this morning I got very sarcastically told by the educator about my need to take the test again. (I am not crazy and making this up two other nurses heard it and ask me what I was going to do about it.) I cried my way home talking to my mom, tried to sleep got about a half an hour. Then my hubby and I decided to take a day trip so we got in the car and headed to the shore of lake Erie in Ohio. We ended up in a nice little town on Port Clinton after walking around decided to go back for a few days...

As for the work thing today was to great to go back over that again so I will post more later. Now just want to post you some pictures of our day trip.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I had the interview today

I had the interview today with hospice. I would love to work with hospice.When I decided to be a nurse 16 years ago I want to be there for people who were sick. I wanted to be the one that held their hand and let them talk about whatever was going on with them. I have tried to do that my whole career. This job would really let me do that.
She is just starting the interviews so I will not know for a while but please pray for this. I have left it in the Lords hands I will not stress. If I get this job great! If I do not I will try something else.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


1. What's something you miss about the 1980's? If you're too young to miss the 80's how about the 90's?
I miss my body from the 80s. I thought I was fat and out of shape! If I only had a crystal ball back then....I would not think that!

2. Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you visit?
I had one in South Carolina but have not got one here yet.

3. What's the secret to success?
Faith in Jesus Christ!

4. This is National Backyard Games week...what's your favorite backyard game?
I always liked badminton. Although I am not very coordinated. I could still play.

5. If I dropped by today what would I find on your coffee table?
bunch of stuff today. We just cleaned the carpets so the coffee table is in the kitchen with my purse, work bag, bottles of water and its own candles and decor

6. Do you own a bicycle? When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Is that something you enjoy?
Yes I own a bike. I last rode before we moved here last year. Right now it is hanging in the garage with flat tires but I will ride again soon. I love it.

7. What's your favorite cheese?
Almost any cheese will do my favorites are the Italian ones provolone, Parmesan, mozzarella 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
  this is an EKG strip. believe it or not all the bumps and peaks on this strip say something about the patients heart. I have been looking at these things for 15 years. I try to get it. I study all the rules but when it is time to test I just don't get it. Maybe that is why I am a cancer nurse and not a heart nurse!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God works in His Time and I know this

I have an interview this week on Friday with Hospice at the hospital where I am now working. I have worked Hospice before. In fact I became a nurse because my first intention was to be there and help dying people know the love of Jesus. I could do that in my own way. I could care for them as I would my own family member. help them ease their pain and hold their hand when they needed it or at the end. I started working in oncology and loved this because it is a devastating disease and I could be there for patients at first diagnosis, during the treatment and at the end if that was the course of the disease. I saw these patients frequently so relationships were formed. I have seen hundreds of patients over the years in the clinics, and in the hospital; several stand out in my memory banks that I will carry with me forever.
So I am thinking, sometimes I do to much of that, maybe it is time for me to go on to the hospice side. I love oncology, but hospice is a part of that too. So Friday at 2pm I have an interview with the hospice manager.

I am trying to figure out what to wear? ThinkingWhat would you wear?

 Prayers appreciated. Thank you

Monday, May 21, 2012

Prayer Request

Recently I have been talking a lot about my job and how I was recruited. I am still contemplating the issue. You see I don't know if this is where God wants me and I am fighting or if I made a decision based on what I wanted to hear. I did apply for a job at this hospital. It was listed as an oncology job, which it is not. I am an oncology nurse I love what I do I do not like general medical surgical, (hodge podge) nursing. I have a specialty I have worked in for 13 years. I am good at what I do.
Hospice is close to oncology nursing at least to end stage medical part of it. I have done it before. This would be closer fit for me the oncology nurse to work in instead of the cardiology, or heart health nurse.
I applied for a part time hospice position at the place where I work now because there are no nursing oncology jobs at present. I talked to the recruiter who recruited me and told her my feelings about how I was hired. She was responsive. Right now I am asking for prayers that this hospice manager will call me for interview and give me a chance in her hospice department. I want this hospice job.

On another note our house in South Carolina has been listed with another agent. He said he is very aggressive. Please pray that the house sells.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I need to open my eyes!

I need to open my eyes and see how blessed I am.Smiley Sunglasses I wrote my last blog about all the blue feelings I have had lately. I just wanted to get it off my chest and out of my head, so I wrote it here. Then a wonderful thing happened; I got responses from wonderful people I have come to know as friends! See these are not the friends that I went out on my own and found on my own these are friends God found for me! i started this blogging a few years ago just to gt my thoughts out there and have come to love it; through this venue God has done wonderful things for me. he linked me up with some great and wonderful women who also love Him and put their thoughts and feelings out here. My God loves me so much that He knew sometimes I would just need to be able to vent. But He also knew when I did need to vent I would need friends, sisters,  to have my back and make me see Him again! O what a wonderful Lord!

I am so blessed every day by Him in every way my blogging sisters are just one way I could name more and I need to now.
  • I have a wonderful husband who loves me for who I am. He knows me and still loves me cranky and happy he is here.
  • I have great children who have married great spouses and given me wonderful grandchildren.
  • My parents are still here and I can see them and talk to them when ever I want! Well Dad has a hard time hearing but I am close enough to go see him now whenever I feel like it.
  • I have a home here; close to my dad so I can visit him whenever I feel like it.
  • I have a job. I know I do not like it but I do have a job and I do not know why God placed me here now but I will have to stick it out for a while. I will keep praying for Him to show me the way in this one and He will! 
I have so many more blessings I could name. I just need to keep my eyes open and see the blessings He gives me!

Thank you Ladies!Big Hug I truly love you gals! Some day we will meet in person. That would be a wonderful thing! Jump For Joy

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling Blue had to get it out

Since I got home from New Orleans I have been feeling a little blue. Actually I started feeling blue in New Orleans. O, I had a great time at the conference. I learned so much it was great. After the conference though I was in New Orleans for 2 days by myself. To some that would not be a bad thing but I have a tendency to drop into the negative when alone. I get into the poor poor me mood. Probably because one of the days I was alone in New Orleans was my birthday. I did get calls, texts and facebook messages from every one even got to Skype with my west coast boys. I just started wishing I had someone to share the trip with for the extra two days. Kevin was supposed to come with me but money would not allow; then my mom tried but there was a money issue there too. So I did it alone. I was proud of myselfyes because I took the trip alone now I just got in this blue mood I can't seem to get myself out of.

I am not sure if it is because I was alone on the trip because it really was not that bad just kinda wished someone was there with me or because of this money thing. We have been trying to sell the house in SC for a year now (It will actually be a year June 1 close enough) Now we are trying to pay two mortgages and I feel like we are drowning. I called the mortgage company for the house in SC but they will not help us even though they said our monthly expenses were $1000.00 more than we make a month. They do not believe our calculations. They said I spend too much on food and groceries. Do you believe that!

Going to the conference made me realize I hate the job I am doing now because I am a cancer nurse and have been for 13 years. I love what I do!Heart Shell Basically when I was recruited to work here it was closer to home and it was a cancer floor so I went for it.  But I am not on a cancer unit it is a glorified med/surg unit. (For those of you who do not know what that is it is a mix of every sick person, not cancer patients just you're run of the mill sick patients. Also cardiac (heart) patients. I do not like working with cardiac patients can't make the cardiac stuff stick in my brain. Its like algebra to me I don't like it so I don't do it. I can't remember it unless it is right in front of my face.
Now I can not do anything about my job because we need to pay our ever increasing bills. So I am stuck!! I hate that feeling!It's Not Fair
Bright side I will graduate with my Master's degree in Dec of next year. But what do I do for now!SadI know I should not be feeling sorry for my self but right now I can't help it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hodge Podge Wednesday

1. What's a pet peeve you have when vacationing?

I don't like rude people but mostly I do not have a pet peeve while vacationing. because I am on vacation to relax!!!!

2. Are you a light packer or do you need everything in your closet plus the kitchen sink?

I need everything! I pack clothes for how many days I am going to be there and shoes for each outfit. Then I bring make-up, which I don't wear often,  Extra clothes in case I need them! I am a definitely not a light packer.

3. What's the best lesson a child ever taught you?

Live in the moment and have fun while you are there!

4. Share one piece of advice you'd give a recent graduate as they attempt to enter the job market?

Don't take yourself so seriously 

5. What's your favorite lemon something?


6. Flat sandal, wedge, heel...your favorite footwear?

actually my favorite foot ware is flip flops but I do have all

7. What do you like best about a beach holiday? If you're not a beach lover (GASP!!) what do you dislike the least?

I love the smell of the air and the sound of the ocean.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

 We are still struggling to sell the house in SC. It is killing me we just listed with a new agent and now he wants us to put more money in it for curb appeal! I just want it sold so we can go on!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hodge Podge Wednesday

1. My daughter2 is graduating from university this month and plans to teach elementary school. What are three qualities you most want to see evidenced in a teacher?

Compassion. Love of children. Fairness. When I think of my early education I remember my kindergarten, first and second grade teacher because she was the same person and I loved her so much. Her name was Sister Cynthia.

2. You can tell a lot about a person by_____________________.
their checkbook or debit card receipts.

3. What song makes you think spring?
Christ the Lord is Risen today HALLELUIAH!!!  Easter make think spring and I love this song.  

4. May 1st is Mother Goose Day...share your favorite nursery rhyme.
The first one that came to mind is Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

5. What makes someone unforgettable?
Kindness and compassion. If someone shows kindness and compassion I remember them.

6. Should music and/or art be part of a well rounded education?
Yes music and art should be a part of a well rounded education. Music helps a learner remember. How many of us remember conjunction junction. Music helps the learner in many ways. It can even help one learn math!

7. What social situations make you flustered or nervous? 
I am not that great when I first meet people. I get nervous. I do not know what to say.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I am going to a conference tomorrow in New Orleans! I have never been there I am excited!!! I will take pictures!!

I love spring even if my sinuses don't Wink

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have a dilemma and need advice.....want your opinions

I am an oncology nurse (cancer nurse) have been for 13 years and absolutely love what I do. I have not decided if I like it better in the hospital or in the clinic setting but I love taking care of cancer patients. I am especially found of head and neck cancer patients and woman's cancer patients because I know the most about them. I was working in a big cancer hospital here in Ohio but had to drive an hour and a half to get to it on most days. So I started looking more local. I saw the hospital 15 minutes from my home had a cancer unit but at the time it was not hiring so I applied for a float position. A float position would allow me to work on several floors and when a space became available on the cancer floor I could transfer. After applying for the job I got a call. When the recruiter heard of my oncology experience she told me the oncology floor was hiring and I would be wonderful for that floor because of my years of oncology experience. I was so excited! I could work with the patients I love and be close to home! Win win for me! At least I thought! SO now I have quit the job at the cancer hospital and I am sorry to say burned that bridge because we were moving into this house so I took off my last two weeks. ( I know its bad and I should know better but I did it anyway) Turns out the floor I am working on is only an oncology floor in name. It is more of a cardiac unit! I do not like cardiac nursing. I am not good at it I know how the heart works and can read a strip somewhat but I do not like it I can not retain this information. I have to take and retake and retake cardiac classes! Actually it is a med/surg floor with cardiac and a hodge podge of other thing. That what med/surg is a hodge podge of everything. 

This is not what I want to do! I am a CANCER NURSE!! I love oncology nursing!!! But I still do not know anybody here! I have found some hospice nursing jobs in the same system and have thought of talking to someone about them. 
What would you do if you were recruited for a job because of your experience only to find it is nothing like it was made out to be........and you don't like it much???