Monday, February 28, 2011

An answered prayer

Sometimes we do not make a big enough deal out of answered prayers. I know we talk about the big stuff like healed people and mission trips but what about the small stuff? I pray when I drive each morning, (or try to). This morning as I was praying I happened to look at my clock on the dash. I park my car and ride the bus to work in the mornings. The bus leaves promptly at 8:20 if I do not make it I have to drive, put up with traffic and most of all miss my nap. So when I looked at the dash clock this morning I noticed the time ticking away. I added to my prayer Lord please don't let me miss the bus. I am tired this morning. As I got ready to pull into the parking lot I saw the buses coming into the lot both of them ( There are two morning buses I usually catch the latter one.) So I got on the bus as I wanted to. God had answered my simple morning prayer! Praise the Lord!
Well that made me think. I have some friends on my mind this morning because I am getting together with a few high school friends I have not seen or heard from in over 20 years. I have prayed for these girls off and on over the years and very much wanted to connect with them again. Well God answered that pray also! We have all connected again.
Now we are trying to get together. Three of us are meeting in Alabama to catch up and hug on each other for a while. But we very much want to get together with the whole group. All of our lives have taken different turns and detours but a prayer was answered and and we are all back in touch again. I can't help think God has something special in the works with this. If you happen to read my blog please stop now and say a prayer for Laurie, Sherry, Linda, Norma, Margret, and me. Obviously God thought we needed each other again as we once did in high school. Please pray that prayers will be answered for these ladies and we will get together physically in the same place sometime this year. ALL OF US!
Praise the Lord for answered prayer! whether it is a simple as a bus being late or a whole group of people getting back together for morale support. He is in control! and I thank HIM!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just some thoughts

Today we are headed to my son's house in NC. His washing machine broke rather is in the process of breaking so when we bought our new appliances for our renovations we added a washing mashine for our son and his family. We are delivering it today with added benefits because I get to see my two grandsons also. that is a great bonus.

I have to take Tia our dog to a new kennel because we can not bring her with us. We are taking her to a new kennel because we have complained about the kennel we've been taking her to for a while so we are trying something different. Hopefully she likes it.

Home renovations are still going on here. We have all the rooms painted. My counter tops are in, granite and wonderful! All my new appliances are here. Now all we need is the floors. We are putting in all wood floors that is the big big big projcet. I hope it will be done soon. I am not a patient person.

Looking forward to some planned trips one with a group of high school friends I haven't seen for almost 30 years. We are all excited and I will update and blog when it happens. Then I am going to see my daughter in April and my brother for my birthday in May.

o well I have to go get a shower and get Tia to the kennel. See ya back here later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

One More Step

One more step in our quest to move closer to home. the cat is out of the bag now. Kevin went for a second interveiw this week. He does not think it went well. But I know this is all in the Lords mighty hands. I know this is happening now for a reason. God has a reason for everything and everything has a time. So we are continuing to pray and I will keep you posted.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Memory verses

I started going to a women's Bible study on Thursday nights. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but I have let time get in my way. So now I am going every Thursday evening. Right now we are studying the book Spiritual Disciples for the Christan Life. I missed a few weeks and just got my book a few days ago but I love this book and this class. The book is a common sense way to be a disciple of Christ. We are now in chapter 6 in the study but I plan on reading from chapter 1.

Any way I have titled this post memory verses because every week we are to pick a verse from the bible to memorize that speaks to us and helps us. I decided I would post mine here also (that will help me remember it).My verse this week is familiar to me but it is very much something I have to think about everyday. It is:

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your request to God. And the peace of God which transcend all understanding will guide your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

I picked this verse first of all because I have a problem with anxiety. I get anxious and worry about everything. Second of all when I present my request to God I must do it with thanksgiving and cofidience God has already told me to come to Him and ask and I shall recieve. Being a mature Christian woman I know what I need from God and He knows my needs. I should praise Him and thank Him for knowing me and being the wonderful God He is.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Friends

I went to a Woman's small group last night and it was wonderful. I almost forgot what it was like to spend time with women, sisters in Christ and talk about the bible and our lives. I haven't been able to find a group lately. Kevin and I were looking for a couples group but he can only be there some of the time because of his work schedule. So most of the time I am there alone. I wanted to be able to spend time with and talk with women who were in the same stage of life as me and could relate to some of the feelings I was having like empty nest, hot flashes and all that fun stuff we have to deal with at this age. This group fits. It is small and all are very welcoming. I am trying to remember everybody's name I think I almost have it. I just wanted to post a note here and let the world know about my answered prayer. Thank you Lord! In your most Precious and Holy Name Amen

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it God? or am I imagining it?

Sometimes things happen in life that make me wonder is this a message from God? or am I imagining it? Then I feel kinda silly because after all I prayed for this and things are happening.Why do I doubt? I have been at this a long time more than 25 years and still I doubt. Will I doubt up to the end?
For a while now Kevin and I have been praying about moving closer to home. The kids have moved out and have their own families far from us so we are basically here alone, except for friends and my one sister whom I see rarely. An opportunity came up closer to home and Kevin responded by putting in for it. Now things are happening. Is this also God's plan that we move closer to home?
So now I start to think we are in the middle of renovations on our home here. I guess that will help sell it. I have to get a license there, we have to move, find a home.....and on and on and on....
I will trust if this is from the Lord that He will take care of all the odds and ends.
By moving closer to home I have friends and family close by. I can visit my grandmother when I want or feel like it.
So I will trust in the Lord put away my doubt and pray for his guidance and that I know when He sends it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1970 something and other thoughts

This is a photo of 1970 something.

I am told it is 1975. I am the second one in from the left. My sister Norma is first on the left then me, Laurie, Linda, Margaret,and Sherry.

Recently we have all hooked up again because of facebook! We are going to get together this March after not seeing each other for 20 years. We saw each other for a ten year reunion then lost touch. The second picture is at the ten year reunion. Last year the girl in the front with the black and white checkered shirt died of brain cancer. Her name was Linda Cutshaw; we called her Chow.

January 28 was 25 years ago the space shuttle blew up after lift off and the country watched the explosion and wept together. I was sitting in a hospital watching the TV screen as my husband was getting a hernia repair surgery. Then I sat with him all day and watched the news all day. After surgery he woke up from time to time. When I came into the room the next morning my husband asked me "Hey did you see that space shuttle blew up."

My best friend, and cousin's husband needs to have open heart surgery on Monday. My cousin and I lost touch too. I am sad to say that one was to lies told by family members who came between us. But God knew we needed each other so he brought us through the lies to a new and better relationship. My husband , Kevin and her husband Rick have also been friends for a long time and got lost in our relationship. They met each other in 7th grade. My cousin and her husband is actually how I met my husband. Anyhow Rick is having open heart surgery on Monday. Prayers for him would be so appreciated.

I had this small red spot on my face on my left temple. I work with cancer people right so of course I think of the worst. I asked the head and neck cancer nurse to look at it. She told me to come over to clinic and have the doc look at it. So when I get a brake I head over to the clinic. The nurse practitioner over there is a friend so she asks me whats up. I show her this spot. She looks, touches it and says 'Hmm let the doc look at it." The doc is not there right now so they tell me to come back later in the day. So I head back to work and come back later in the day. Two of the docs are there and they look at the spot on my temple. They tell me they think they should do a biopsy. That was Thursday afternoon and I am still waiting for result of my biopsy. I checked to see if it was done Friday before I left work and it was not. SO here I sit waiting for Monday to look again and find out what to do. I am not scared though. I was at first but not any more. I have a crazy sense of peace about this no matter what it turns out to be.

House renovations have finally shifted into high gear. I can hear hammering in the back ground as I am typing. Kevin is getting things ready for the work men to come and do the renovations.

Well that is all my thoughts for this moment. I'll add more later.