Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life moves on and things change....some times great sometimes not so great

It's been kind of hard to keep up here and then I forgot how to log into the account which makes it even harder. I can't remember when I posted last. 
But the last year has brought a lot of change in our family. I had a surgery lost 95 pounds was cured of diabetes; Praise the Lord! That is one of the wonderful things that has happened. I graduated with my Master's degree in nursing, I recently we had a new addition to our family a new grandson! All wonderful! The not so wonderful a divorce in the family. That is not easy or wonderful at all.

As the mom and Memaw watching the ones you love suffer through this is not great at all. As I write this I am with those family members. My grandsons are watching some videos on the computer and my daughter is here too. The past year for them has not been easy at all. This divorce has been ugly and painful for all. It should all be over this week, hopefully. 

I am not writing today to go over any details or put any of their business out there. I am writing as a mom and Memaw watching. It's really hard! I see my daughter broken and hurting, that is terribly hard to watch. She was always such a strong person.  Now she is trying to find that strength again. I can't do anything to help in the process; I am helpless. That is not a fun place for a mom to be when their child is hurting. I come to visit to help with that process and I get emotional which does not help. 
I see my grandsons crying because of lies they were told; it is hard. 

Tonight, I getting ready to go back home across the country from my daughter and her sons. I am sad. It helps me to know she has a family of friends here. I have met several of them and I am so thankful to them. They have become family to her, they provide support, comfort and laughter to her life and the to the boys.

I just have to end by giving praise to the Lord for everything!