Friday, February 14, 2014

All the busy work is done

So I have come to place where all the busy work for this travel job is done. I have taken 5 tests, signed numerous papers, been poked and prodded for physical exams, drug tests and TB test and now it is time. On Tuesday I will leave the  Ohio area and head west close to where my daughter lives to work as a travel nurse in a hospital for 13 weeks. I am excited, but more excited about spending time with my daughter and her family. The company will set me up in my own apartment and even reimburse me for a rental car. So the adventure begins next week!

Funny thing happened this morning, though. I got a call from a local cancer center to interview for a job I applied for about a month ago! Today, after all the stuff I have done for this travel job! So, I told them I was about to go on a travel assignment and how long the assignment was. They asked me if I still wanted to interview? Interesting, I thought! SO I set up an interview for Monday morning. Who knows, maybe if they like me and want me they will offer something for when this travel assignment is completed. I am for sure not going to walk away from a sure thing job for a maybe job. Been there done that too many times to mention and learned from my mistakes. SO I will keep you posted on how that goes and update you on my travels or whatever is on my mind!

Until then.....Happy Valentines Day to everyone......and I will write again soon..... Busy, busy, busy, much to do before I go Tuesday!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Months have passed and Change has happened again

It has been months again since I have written what is on my mind. I have not been idle and I have been having thoughts just no time to write them down. Once again I found myself in a job that took up all my time! I tried for months to get into a hospital or get a new job but the market is not that great right now even for nurses! I know what you are thinking, Nurses can always find a job. Well, I am here to tell you times have changed! Even nurses are having trouble finding decent jobs.
I am still in the process of working on my Master's degree in nursing hoping that will help me land full time employment but at the moment I have decided to take to travel nursing. What is that you may ask? Well, when hospitals around the country need nurses, some places are still in shortage mode but not here that's for sure, they look to agencies that have nurses willing to travel and offer contracts. The contracts start at 12-13 weeks and can be more. For the contracted period of time the nurse travels to where the job need is and works a shift they have contracted them to work. The agency pays for the housing of the nurse while they are on assignment and some other perks also. But the nurse has to travel and keep the license for the state they are traveling to.
That is my next adventure, a travel nurse until I get my degree or longer if it works well. Me and Ollie, my little dog will travel to assignments and stay until the contract is over, then come home. My hubby and his dog, Belle will be here at home. I know what you are saying now, you are going to leave your husband? No, quite the contrary, he will come visit in the middle of the assignment when he can (you see his job is changing too working more hours getting less days off). So we would not see each other as much here either.
When I was younger and looking at my life this isn't exactly what I had in mind, but then again times they are a changing aren't they? My first contract will be close to my daughter so I will be able to spend time off with her and her family. That will be nice. I will try to be more effiecient in keeping up with my posts! Until then........