Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Optomist or Pessimist

I heard a question today on a radio program my husband and I was listening to on our way to get the car serviced. We talked about the question for a few minutes but I have been thinking about it today.
The question: Would I rather be uninformed and be optimistic about the future or well informed and pessimistic?
I said I would rather be optimistic; my husband wants to be informed sooo that should make him pessimistic. I would rather spend my whole life not knowing what is going to happen and just trust in the Lord to lead me through my life. I am the kind of person that if I dwell on the future or what may happen I get anxious. Anxiety makes me nauseous and panicky. My husband loves to be well informed although he stated it does not make him pessimist. (I have to say he is not a pessimist, most of the time.)
Which would you be? or do you have another opinion?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

God chose the man for me 32 years ago

Today was my anniversary 28yrs of marriage. We are still happy and the best part along with loving each other still; we like each other too, and still have fun together.

Our love story started in 1978. August 1 to be exact. That is the day we met. I had been staying with my cousin for vacation. I had been there for two weeks; it was the summer of my senior year of high school. I had a great time but had been the third person my cousin and her boyfriends dates for two weeks. The whole family then went to camp. We stayed for the weekend. My cousin and her mom got into an argument and she wanted to go home. She called her boyfriend and his car was broke down. He then asked his friend to drive him up to camp to pick her up and meet me.
The next day they came to our rescue. I remember the day. Silly as it sounds I even remember what he was wearing. He walked up to meet the family; then we left to take the 2hr ride home. On the way home we talked about everything. The four of us having a great time. When we finally got to my house my mom was sitting on the porch. I walked them to the car and he ask for my phone number.
He called me a couple days later.
Our first date was a week later. Kevin lived on the other side of town; I gave him directions and left out about 15 miles (in my defence it was a straight line he was not supposed to turn till I told him to but somehow I did not tell him the straight rode was about 15 miles). He got terribly lost. He called I gave directions again. He finally got to my town and I told him I was in the front yard with a bunch of people. Apparently he drove up and down the street a few times and did not see us. He stopped at a local bar and called again; I again gave him directions. On the way out of the bar my mom who had been at the drug store across the street from where he called saw him and recognized him. Mom yelled out the window"Hey are you Kevin?".
Kevin said "Yes." and mom told him to follow her. He got to the house about 9:30 we drove to the other side of town to hang out with my cousin and her boyfriend.
We watched TV for a while and he rode me back home. That was my first date with the man the Lord had picked out just for me.

Thank you Lord for bringing Kevin into my life and letting us spend our lives together.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Newer Blog

I have been posting some poems and stories on my other blog in case anyone wanted to check it out here is the address:


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dealing with my feelings

Yesterday, well actually two days ago I found out some news that I have to say totally disappointed me. I stewed long enough now I have to get it out and be the Christian woman God wants me to be. I found out my 20 year old unmarried niece is pregnant. I was not mad at her amazingly but I was very upset at my sister, her mom. I decided I will be supportive to my niece throughout this and be there if she needs me. That actually will not be a problem at all. The hard part will be being supportive to my sister. The whole situation is a very long story that i will not bore everyone with. All I will say is she dropped the ball and it let it bounce all over her house. SOOOO, I am gong to have to pray about this. I will pray for my relationship with my sister and the situation with my sister and my niece.

I needed to write this tonight to get it out there and off of me. So I can move on and be the supportive person God wants me to be.

Dear Lord, I pray for health for the baby my niece is carrying. I also pray for the lives of my niece, her baby, and her boyfriend. Thank you Lord.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ponderings and Thoughts

Since my last post I have been thinking about faith. I know I have faith in God. I know I have faith in Jesus Christ. I have no doubt at all about Him being my savior and providing for me. So why was I so surprised about providing for those I love. Control is the issue, I think. I think I am in control when really I am not at all. God has been showing me in miraculous ways that He is in control and not me at all. SO I have decided to do a study on faith and faithfulness. I will keep you posted as God opens the doors in my heart and mind to hear what He wants me to learn about who truly is in control.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Witness to God's Work

As I stated in the last post I spent the Labor Day weekend at my son's house at seminary. I watched them interact with their neighbor who are all seminary students who have all been in the same boat as they are right now. My son has training for the job I talked about in the last post. He will work for a security firm. It will start out as part time on weekends second shift. My husband and I went there this weekend fully willing and capable to help them pay their monthly bills this month. We went to church with them and enjoyed a great service. We hung out and enjoyed the day then Kevin accompanied Bryan to his small group that evening. It is a couples small group on the first weekend of the month the men meet for accountability. I believe my daughter in law said the women meet on the third weekend of the month; the other two the couples meet. Anyhow, when the guys came home Bryan told Elise they gave him some envelopes. He stared opening them. What they found is truly a God thing. They found in those envelopes enough money to pay their bills this month and next. We were all stunned. This group of young families are in the same finical boat as my son; and they have only known them for a month. I could go on and on and on about this BUT the truth is God did this. A few posts ago I stated I was worried about my son. But God has answered our prayers in a wonderful way! I know as sure as I am sitting in my living room right now that GOD will take care of him and his family. I should not be as amazed as I am because I know God is great and wonderful! But I have to say I am truly stunned to be a witness to his work.
I know God is great! I know He can move mountains! So why was I so surprised by Him taking care of my son. I do not know. I could rationalize it but that would only give me excuses to make myself feel better. If I say i have faith in God and do not even trust Him with my son what am I saying to the world? Am I saying I trust God when it is convenient for me? Do I trust God with my children and grandchildren? I thought I did. But do I? This is something I am going to have to ponder on and pray about. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......................

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wonderful weekend

This labor day weekend I have spent at my son's house at Wake Forest, NC. He has started seminary there and moved his family. (Just wanted to update from my previous post. He got a job working for a security firm. He will of course have to pass a drug test and back ground check but there will be no problem with that. Then he will start part time on the weekends. My daughter in law has an interview with WIC and the school system.)
Any how spending time here is wonderful. They do not have any cable or satalite for their tv yet and get no reception so we have not had TV. SO we have had long conversations and just sat and watched my grandson Asher play, it has been a great visit. We have one more night and will leave after lunch tomorrow. We went to church with my son and his family this morning; it was a great service. The mere fact that my son and his family are happy and all the bills are again paid for a second month is a wonderful gift of God.
I admire the faith of this young family as they stepped out on faith alone. Neither of them knowing a head of time that they had jobs just knowing this is what God wanted them to do and where he wanted them to be. As we visit we have seen many mre families in the same area having had the same experiences. I admire them all and praise God for this young generation willing to follow His word in a worl where that is no longer the thing to do.