Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 come to an end

O well, here we are again another year coming to an end and wishing for a better next year. Isn't that the way it always goes?

Just a few memories from 2012:

We bought a house in Ohio
We moved into our house in Ohio
I got a job
I got fired 90 days later for opening my mouth and failing a test
I filed for unemployment for the first time
I was denied unemployment
I was unemployed
Grandson came to spend several weeks here
Had no money while grandson was here, but all the hugs were FREE and wonderful!
House still for sale in SC
I started school to work on my Master's degree
I got a new job teaching but since I do not have my Master's yet have to be community faculty.(which means no job security)
Teaching nursing students; kinda like it
Our dog died, Tia after  years broke my hubby's heart
Rescued a dog from the pound
Rescued dog bit hubby's hand pretty bad
Took dog back to pound
Got new puppy, Ollie (see last post) he is lovable and cuddly and adorable
Hubby got new puppy last weekend. (see last post) she is adorable and lovable and gets along well with Ollie.

Through all the ups and downs this year my blood sugars have gotten out of control again. So today I go to an endocrinologist and look forward to a healthier  2013!

Looking forward to 2013!!!

Every year has ups and downs I think it is all about how you look at life. Some days I am good, some days not so good. But at least I am here to enjoy it! Thank you Lord for another day!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New editions to our family

Over the holiday we got a few new editions to our family; actually Ollie has been here for about a month. We got two new dogs. I know we are crazy but I guess we are just dog people. My hubby and I wanted two different things in a dog. he wanted a dog he could go hunting with, walk in the woods with and do that kinds of stuff. Me, I wanted a cuddle dog, a lap dog, a small dog to keep me company when just doing nothing at home.

The first dog we got when going to check out a completely different dog. We were going to see a Boston Terrier, and I just fell in love with a timid little ball of hair, when I picked him up he was shaking and it broke my heart so we bought him. His name is Oliver Sputnick McClelland. (The sputnick was my dad's idea. You see he always comes up with crazy names for anything from babies to puppies and when I showed hi the picture he said he looked like a sputnick. SO of course I had to add it in his name.)
We call him Ollie

Well my husband could not get left out and if we had one dog why not have two right?? So my sister in law (my hubby's brother's wife) got a very good lab dog after her dog had died. Maya is a very good lab with a great temperament and good with the kids. SO when we found out Maya's mom was expecting we put in an order for a yellow female for my hubby. (His last dog Tia, that died a few months ago was a female, so he had to have another female.
Yesterday we drove almost all day in a snow storm to pick up our latest edition. Her name is Nuy's Belle (Nuy is a name form hubby's childhood). He has mentioned maybe calling her Belle Lee, or even LuLu Belle but all we know for sure at the moment is her name is Belle.
This is hubby and Belle

Now we are in full potty training swing with two puppies! I know we are crazy Right?! But feeling very loved!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was good! All though I have to admit it would have been much better if my kids were here with us in Ohio; but they are well, and we did get to talk to them yesterday it was good!

For the past couple years since the kids moved out Kevin and I have been spending Christmas alone. This year we were close enough and had time off to be able to go home for Christmas! It was great!

Christmas Eve we spent with my husbands family just like old times! It warmed my heart that my nephew was in for Florida. We got to meet his very sweet girl and see him with his dad, sisters and step mom. 
My brother in law and nephew

brother and sisters reunited for Christmas
Christmas at my dad's house yesterday was great too! Just missing my kiddos and their families, but I got fb video of Christmas morning.

Kevin and me with Ollie, JaLiah , Tyree, and Teonna

Dad and Barb opening gift from family
Any time spent with family is so much appreciated after years away!!
We even got to spend time with my best friend and cousin Deb, and her family! It is such a blessing to be here close to home again!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Muddling through and Trying not to whine

Hello again. I am back. The school semester is over at work. I am on break now from my job. That is good but I do not get a pay and hubby wants me to file for unemployment again. I am scarred by the last time I applied. I suppose I will though because I am going to have the summer off with no pay.

I am still trying to decide if I like the teaching thing. I really miss being a bedside nurse but years of it has killed my back and knees. Bending squatting pulling tugging all this plays a toll on you after a while. I know it is time to move on. But I miss my patients. There I go again whining and I was trying not too...

I love teaching the students I love the look they get when they finally get it. The excitement of helping do a task they were terrified to do. Helping them connect the dots of the whole picture to critically think through the process. I hate the paperwork! they think they have paperwork to do but I have to grade it all!!

I miss working with cancer and hospice patients. I love taking care of these patients. I thought of volunteering at a hospice center but do I really have the time for that? NO, I sometimes think I do not have time to breath cause it would take to long. Thank the Lord I do not have to think about breathing to live or I would be dead. And there I go again whining.

I guess my identity has been being a cancer nurse for so long i do not want to loos that. I want to be involved in oncology some how. I want to hold a patients hand when they find out there is nothing else they can do and listen to them when there is no one else to talk to because their family just does not understand. I miss the intimacy that comes from being the nurse and helping someone deal with a difficult decision of going back on a treatment that they swore they would never do. Just being there for a patient in need. I miss it so much. I don't feel the same way about the students, yeah I want to help them but it just not the same.....

Thats all I really wanted to say I hope I did not whine too much......

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am here for HODGE PODGE so Excited!!!

I have been away for Hodge Podge for soo Long!!! I am so siked to be back!!!!  Here goes!!

1.  So, when did you last take a walk in the woods? A stroll along the beach? A drive going nowhere in particular in the car?

I  almost never take a walk in the woods, but I did go to a tree farm recently does that count??? I think it does. As far as going for a drive I do that all the time. Hubby and I like to explore. 

2.  Are you sending Christmas cards this year?  About how many do you send?  Photo card or something more traditional?  How do you display the cards you receive? 

Yes I am sending Christmas cards they are all written just waiting for me to take them to the post office. If I remember to take them with me will do tomorrow, if not Friday

3. What's a word you've heard too much of in the past week?

Fiscal cliff. 
I totally agree with Joyce, if I never hear about this again it will be too soon!

4. December 13th is National Cocoa Day-are you a fan?  Plain or flavored?  Marshmallows or no marshmallows? 

I love Cocoa! In fact I just bought some Swiss Miss for my kerug 

5. What is something you do to help alleviate the hectic pace of the Christmas season?

My Christmas season is not that hectic any more the kids live far away so I just veg out by the tree

6. Besides jewelry, what's a favorite sparkly-glittery item in your home or closet?

My Christmas Tree!!! 

7. Share a favorite line or two from any Christmas carol.

'Mary did you know when you kissed your little baby you were kissing the face of God!!
I love that song!  

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Lately I have been feeling like I am drowning more and more. I need to do something to lessen the stress levels!! There will be school and work but something has to give!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Taking up too much time

This job and my Master's program seem to be taking up so much of my time now. Sometimes I feel like I barely have time to take a deep breath. Just when I think I ma have a moment something else comes along that consumes my time.
I wish I had time to just ake a walk. I wish that just taking a walk would not be taking time away from everything else that piles up in a monsterous heap seeking to attack me. Imagine a huge monster of paperwork lurking in the shadows waiting for me everytime I try to attack me. That is what it feels like in my head.

Is it going to get any better in the near future? No I don't see it right now. I will be in school until next Dcember. I have this job which I need. Is it y dream job? I don't think so but what can I do right now? Any change will just make things worse or more terribly stressful.

My health is starting to show the evidence of this. So I am not inclined to start anything else to add stress to my life. I have talked to my boss and am about to sign a new contract for the next semester; so that can lighten my load a bit. As for the rest of my time, sometimes I must hide from the monster and move in the shadows to get a breath. At least until next December when I am done with school.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thinking about my friend

I found out yesterday that a friend of mine from South Carolina is suffering in the end stages of ovarian cancer. She just turned 30 a couple weeks ago while on a ventilator in the hospital that was breathing for her. She is now in a hospice center. She is an inspiration! I first met her about 5-6 years ago at church. My husband introduced us; she was a greeter. A bright and cheerful face welcoming all who came to our church while fighting the devastating disease of ovarian cancer in her 20's!

Thinking about her makes me so sad. But she is such an inspiration. She is fighting for a miracle that will save her at the last minute; but knows if it does not come she will see Jesus soon and she is good with that. I was struck yesterday when getting an update from a mutual friend that she, friend with cancer, asked if one of the ladies would sing at her funeral! (The lady she asks often sings in church and has a beautiful voice).

I sent flowers last night. I am miles away now in Ohio and I just wanted to be able to make her smile, one more time! My heart is breaking for her and her family. She has a young daughter and husband along with extended family.

Time like these make me think my struggles are not that bad.......

Please dear Lord help Marie as she fights. May she not be in pain. May she see your face and know she is coming home to you. Please also Lord be with her family as they fight this fight with her.

All my Love Marie!! I will see you again someday. I wish I could hug you in person!! But I will have to give a virtual hug. ((((Marie))))

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hodge Podge therapy

1.  So, do you like beer?

No, not particularly. But I have been known to drink one on a rare occasion

2. What's your least favorite repetitive task?

Ok I am not going to lie when I read this question I read what is your least favorite REPTILE in which case my brain just answered snake. Then I saw Joyce's answer which was dishes and I had to reread the question!
my least favorite repetitive task is laundry....It never ends!

3.  When was the last time you rode in a bus?  Where was it headed?

I honestly cant remember

4.  What song from your childhood or from your own children's childhood could make a parent's nerves stand on end?

The never ending song cause it goes on and on my friend it is the song that never ends............

5.  The US Presidential election cycle is drawing to a close (can I get an AMEN??),and the third and final debate was held last night....what was the last thing you 'debated about'?

I generally do not debate. I am kind of laid back. Menopause have given me more voice I have to watch when, where and how I use it cause it is not always in a friendly way if you know what I mean.

6.  Can a person make too much money?  How much is too much? 
Yes.... I think too much is when you but crazy stuff cause you do not know what to do with it!

7.  Pop-soda-coke-something else...what's it called where you live?

Here it is called pop. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA it was always pop. I moved south for 15 years it was soda. I started saying soda now I am having a hard time getting back to saying pop.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I had a melt down two days ago. I am much better now, for now

Monday, October 22, 2012

just some venting

I hate to complain but it seems it is all I do anymore. Ever since we moved here its been one thing after another. I love being here cause it is close to my family. I got to go to my niece's wedding do not know if I could have done that if still living in SC. Next weekend my sister is coming here with my niece, great niece and nephew to go to the pumpkin patch and do some fall festivals. Definitely could not have done that from SC. So why does it seem we get one step ahead then move three back??? Job after job for me here. I am a nurse! Nursing is supposed to be a foolproof career. The kind where you always have a job. Well! I have had job after job here. I thought I could go back to school and that would help but I had to drop a class today because I did not understand it and was failing (school on the internet convenient but it has its draw backs!) So this will move back my graduation date and that may make me loos the job I have now. I have a contract till December because I am community faculty so it is semester to semester by needs. If I had my degree by October next year I could have a full time job there. This is going to mess it up!

So what do I do now? I am lost and do not know what to do. My husband's job is going fine. He loves it. But the mortgage company for our SC house is about to foreclose on us because we can not make two mortgage payments. I have asked for help many times before it came to this but there was always some reason I could not get help. I had to get a lawyer to help me file for unemployment here because of all the mess with that. So hopefully if this job falls through in December I will be able to get unemployment!  

Our dog died; we rescued a dog from the pound. He was cute and playful until he snapped 3 times the last time biting my husband so bad he needed stitches. But they do not stitch dog bites any more so he had dressing shanges twice a day, 2 antibiotics and a tetanus shot!

I need a rest and vacation right now from my own life. I just want to pull  the covers over my head and wake up when everything is wonderful!!
Can I do that please!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Hodge Podge

1. Noah Webster was born this week back in 1758....besides the online version, do you own a dictionary?  Do you ever use the hardback copy or is your hunt for a definition strictly online these days? 

I do have and Oxford American Dictionary and a Webster's dictionary. I use them all the time with school and writing.

2.  Should public schools ban Halloween celebrations?  What about other holiday celebrations currently under fire? 

  I think we are getting crazy with the ban the holiday celebrations in this country. If you do not want to participate then don't. The beauty of this country is we have FREEDOM to celebrate what we want, when ever we want as long as we do not break the law!

3.  What's your favorite 'dog' movie?  

I like Milo and Otis. My grandson Asher in SC watched it all the time and it reminds me of him.

4.  When were you last somewhere you'd describe as 'too quiet'?

I have no idea.

5.  Are you a neat cook or a messy cook?  In other words do you clean as you go or make a big mess and then deal with it later? 

I like to clean as I go but do not always do that. Actually I do not like to cook either!

6.  Did you hear about Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver who broke the sound barrier via parachute?  Was your first thought  COOL! or was your first thought CRAZY!  Are you adventurous? 

My first thought was crazy and can he still hear now from all the pressure he put on his ears on the way down? Did he wear appropriate head gear to protect them? Sorry its the nurse in me it is always there! LOL!

7.  What's not a word but should be? 

???? have no opinion on that one.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

After watching the debate last night I came up to conclusion. Liars are going to lie. Haters are going to hate. Takers are going to take and Givers are going to give. In the end all I can do is exercise my right t vote and make the best possible decision from the choices I have according to God's word. I do not know the future, nor do I care to it is all in the Lord's hands. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yeah Hodge Podge I am here!!

1.  In what ways do you indulge yourself?

HMMM! How o I indulge myself? I love a massage! I was turned on to massages a few years ago they are so relaxing and refreshing. I did have a membership at Massage Envy but the one here in my area is about an hour away. I can't justify the trip for just a massage with gas prices the way they are.

2. Have you ever taken a cooking class?  Any interest?  What type of class would you most like to try?

No i have never taken a cooking class and do not ever wish too. I do not like to cook it is not my thing. I would like to take writing classes and write a book some day.  
3.  What does it mean to be a good citizen?

A good citizen loves their country and wants the best for it. A good citizen votes and takes part in the democratic system that runs this country. A good citizen is patriotic! 

4.  'Tis the season of the political these ads influence your vote?

NO, the adds are ridiculous now they are talking about Big Bird and we were attacked yet no one says anything about that!   

5.  What's something you see today that makes you wish you were a kid again?

Leaves laying in piles in yards where they have been raked. The kid in me would love to jump in them!

6.  What's your least favorite cliche?

HMMMM!!! Sorry cant think of one.

7.  What percentage of your Christmas shopping has been completed?  How does that make you feel?

.Zero!!  0%; null void; nothing!  I am good with taht I like to shop when the season is bustling and the music is playing and Christmas decorations out.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Random thought. I  am here at Hodge Podge!!! I have been so busy I have not been here for a while. I would like to think I am back...Hopefully I am!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It has been a long time and tings are looking up!

I just read my last post and it sounded really depressing! Well things are looking up now.
  • I HAVE A JOB!!! A job I love.I am teaching at a local college as a first year nursing instructor. I am teaching in the lab and have a clinical group at a local facility. (At the end of the month I go to do a clinical for 8 weeks at the hospital that fired me! How funny is that?) The Lord works in mysterious ways! 
  • I am in school still but the college where I work asked if I can bump up my graduation date to October. After talking to my adviser I can; so I will graduate in late October early November. At that time I can take a full time position at the college teaching nursing.
  • I contacted a lawyer for unemployment and they are going to take my case and sort out all the garbage I have been getting for them for a contingent fee.
  • We got another dog! We could not stand the silence any more  so I started to go to the pound. I found one dog I fell in love with, but when I went back to get her she was gone. So that day DH took me from pound to pound and we found Dezi! His name was Fernandez but that was way to long. He is a 9yr old cocker spaniel. He is very well trained and very active and a lap dog!

  • We have someone who likes the house in SC and wants a sec!ond look. We are hoping for an offer soon!
  • I still miss my kids but all are doing well and hope to visit them soon!
I have had a great last month just very busy with school and work and hope to get here more often

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summing it up and Have I learned from it?

All I have to say is Wow! This last year of my life has been about nothing but change! I have survived! At time I did not think I would. After all I am a creature of habit and change has been all around me all year long. Moving here 14 months ago so much is different. Why did I want to move here? Well we both did because it was closer to home and we could see family often and be involved again. I could see my grandmother more often. I could help get her out from in between my mom and her sister! Two days before I move here my beloved grandmother died. If I was coming here to take care of her what do I do now???? Move on......I guess....God's plan was different for me here...
  •  Let's see I could start first with the job situation. It has been a mishap of trail and error for me. I have a job it is too far away; then I get a job so much closer to home, I am so happy until I start to work there. It is not what has been sold to me. I was duped. I become a little depressed and angered. Open my mouth and insert foot; no I do not have a job. It is now summer again. Bills pile up and up and up. House in SC not showing can't pay two mortgages now.. I have to work. Told to file for unemployment by many so I do... File becomes lost, then needs special handling because I have worked in more than one state, then gets denied..Appeals applied for, still awaiting for those results..Office says should be next week we shall see!!We need some kind of money to pay bills so I except a travel assignment in Cleveland. It is 2 hours from home I will be staying there by myself on work days but gotta do what we gotta do. I move up there alone... start orientation. COme home for weekend and while assisting the dog she falls on my right wrist twists it in weird way. Now wrist is sprained. Calll to agency immediately. Hospital denies my contract! Unemployed again! Get an email from local college I have been in touch with off and on. They offer me a job! There is a catch I must complete my Master's degree by Oct of 2013. A call to my school, University of Phoenix, and it is possible I get job! First week teaching first year nursing students last week I LOVE IT!!!
  • We find a house here after looking for 9 month. Is it my dream home NO. Do I like it it is OK. We move in and immediately start to have water problems with the well, the softening system and all. Service call, another service call, another service call. Finally a new water system...well now odor returning in hot water tank...I will be calling them tomorrow! The basement smells musty! There was no musty smell in all inspections basement was good. Now mold, green growing on wall!Another issue we will have to pay for! Dad has a dehumidifier we can use down there. Just need to get it set up now!
  • Tia, the dog, is not doing well. She looks rough to me. I try to talk to DH about putting her down. He says NO he can not do it because she is better today. Then she is not she is ill again, then better, then ill, and on August 23 I find her dead in the yard! Will we get another dog? Don't know then DH starts talking about another dog. It is so quiet and lonely in this house now. Amazing how a dog that does not talk and sleeps a lot can give companionship. What kind of dog should we get? He wants a retriever he can hunt with. I want a small dog to cuddle with me and keep me company...So far we know he is getting what he wants as for me the cat is here, but she can not come in the house because she is litter box challenged; she just can't get it in a place with more than one room.
  • Sharon comes with kids and there is a light in ,my tunnel I have been descending into. Spending time with Sharon and kids. Wonderful! Spending more time with Ethan GREAT!! No money and unable to do things I would normally do with him, sad to me. But I do get to spend great time with them and go to Remy's birthday party when I take Ethan back to the west coast.
  • Bryan. I have not seen him and his family since we moved back. It is killing me but.... He starts a new job for in September maybe we can get together more now.... I miss him and I miss his family!
  • Church. We had a great church in SC. I loved my ladies group! Moving here was another transistion to a new church. We found a great church! I have been trying to get involved since we got here. The Ladies group has not worked out with my work schedule but should now! I would also lke to work with the kids. I started bt schedules for work have messed with it. Now with this job I should be able to...
Have I learned from this. One thing I have learned is God's timing is not my timing! The house in SC is still on the market but we are unable to make payments theree because of payments here so we may loose our shirts on that one unless DH company or someone steps in at the last minute and buys it up.
Trust! I have to trust God is leading me where he wants me to be otherwise I am just a small sailing ship in a storm with my sails stuck up going this way and that way. I try to trust Him every day.SOmedays all I can see if the storm clouds looming in but I do my best to trust him. Jesus loves me! I know this because my husband loves me even when I am cranky and miserable and just plain mean! He sticks by me. Jesus loves me more than DH although I can not undrstand why some days... I feel Jesus's love even in my darkest days even when I want to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep until a brighter happier day comes along..He, God, has a plan for me. I do not know what it is yet but He does and I am trying to follow as best I can...and when I can't jesus carries me along the path to help keep me straight! 
I do not know it all nor do I know where this ship comes to an end but God does and He wants only the best for me!! So I will trust Him

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Hodge Podge

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1. Americans will celebrate Labor Day this coming weekend. Do you know what we're actually celebrating? (without consulting your friends google or wikipedia, ahem) What's a project you're currently 'laboring' over?

I think it has to do with the Labor force and working for a living but I really do not know have not ever looked it up.
Right now I am laboring over my Master's degree in nursing. Must get this done by October of next year. Then I an thinking I may get somemore education after that.

2. Labor Day also signifies the unofficial end of summer for most of us...what summer food will you miss the most? If you live in the Southern hemisphere feel free to substitute winter for summer.
Fresh strawberries!! peaches that are so juicy that the juice drans down your face as you eat them! MMM!!

3. A well known proverb states, "It's easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission." Your thoughts?

Forgiveness. That is something now. I think it is easier to ask permission. Asking permission does not let anyone into my closed off area. I just ask and move on. Seeking forgiveness makes me feel vulnerable.

4. Food critic, film critic, art critic, book critic...which hat would you most like to wear?
I think food!

5. When you were a kid, (besides your parents) who was your favorite adult?

I do not remember much of my childhood. But I am thinking my grand mother just because.

6. The astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away last week. He was regarded as a hero by many generations of people all around the world. Do we still have modern day heroes? What makes someone a hero?

 We do still have modern day heroes.  Police, Firemen and women, Soilders, doctors, nurses, teachers. All of whom are heroes to someone at some time in their careers.

7. I never get tired of __________________.

Hodge Podge Wednesday! In fact I look forward to it.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Last Thursday, I came home home to find out Tia had died in the front yard while I was running errands. She was 13 years old! She was my husband's hunting dog and he refered to us (me and the dog) as his girls. My hubby was broken!! Tia went every where with him! It was hard for me too and still is even though our house was not noisy because of her it feels so much more quiet! and empty!
We burried her in our back yard Thursday night.
I had a dream just last night that I was petting her.... then I saw my daughter (in the dream) ...I asked her if it was real and Tia was really gone. She told me she was and I woke up.
Part of me wants  to go to the pound and get another dog today........part of me never wants another one...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's wednesday you guessed it Hodge Podge time


Yes my friends it is Wednesday again that glorious day when we answer questions form our leader Joyce just to get to know each other a little better.

1. Aloha! On August 21, 1959 Hawaii officially became a US state. Have you ever been? Upon arrival would you prefer an orchid or a hibiscus to tuck behind your ear?

I have never been to Hawaii  although I would love to go. I hear the cost of living is high. But I would still want to go. I liked both the orchid and the hibiscus flower.  But I think I would like the orchid behind my ear.

2. Since we're talking tropical...what's your favorite food or beverage made with pineapple?

Pizza!! I love Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple!!! yum1

3. Do you believe in soul mates? Explain.

I do. I think a soul mate is someone with whom you have a special connection. I have this kind of connection with my hubby. He is my soul mate. We sometimes have the same thoughts at the same time. Sometimes that is funny! Like he will say something that is the exact thing I was thinking about.

4. Share a memory about the house you grew up in.

I grew up in several different homes. The constant home for me was my grandmother's house. When we were kids we were sure there were ghosts in the basement. Now in this house the bathroom was in the basement as was the play area for us kids and a "back cellar" that was the spooky place for us.
I remember when someone would think the basement was empty and turn out the light my grandmother had a crucifix on the wall. In the dark Jesus would glow. This really freaked us out as kids...
5. Are you comfortable with silence?

sometimes, I am sometimes I am not. Sometimes I just need noise.

6. You spot a giant spider on your bedroom wall...what's your next move? (all spiders are giant, right?)

Call my husband or lave the room and close the door if he is not home.  know that is silly but I do not do spiders and and any other bug if I can't see them they can't see me right????

7. My idea of fun does NOT include ______________.

Exercise! I am not an athletic person, never have been. Do not like sports, never have. Will watch nascar race and Steeler football that is about all. I get bored when I go to sporting events. thank goodness for the other entertainment there.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I started my NEW job. Career I should say. I will be teaching first year nursing students at the local college. I will be in the lab with them and in a clinical location. I love nursing and to be able to teach student nurses is a dream to me. I am actually doing work to obtain my Master's degree in nursing education and should have my MSN (masters of science in nursing) by October of next year. I am so excited about this job. The staff is all wonderful, the dean of nursing is great. Now I just have to meet my students! I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Hodge Podge


1. I included this quote (attributed to William H. Danforth) in my blog post on Monday..."The best cure for a sluggish mind is to disturb its routine." When was the last time you 'disturbed your routine' and how'd you do it?

My routine has been upset for a while now. I have kind of been flying by the seat of my pants....Hopefully a routine is in my future! I so love the structured life.

2. What's your favorite fried food indulgence?

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE fried fish and chips!!
3. Did you have an allowance as a kid? What did you do with it? Do you give your own kids an allowance?
I do not think I had an allowance as a kid, but I really can't remember.
I did try the allowance thing with my kids but in the end the just got what we could give them at the time. before I was a nurse times were very tight.

4. What's something you wish you knew more about?

Government. Crazy as it sounds I would love to get in there and help with health care. I do not think government should be in health care but definitely do think something needs to be done. Maybe some day, who knows?

5. Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? If so, what?

Honestly some days I feel too old to walk up right! All these years of floor nursing have done a job on my back. I never let it stop me though! I never was an athlete so any sports are crazy for me. ( I once almost broke my nose playing catch with my hubby before we were married. yea I think that is a whole other blog about my sporty self! LOL!)

6. What's a song you think has a great first line?
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a land slide?
Bohemian Rhapsody

7. Who are you writing to/for when you create a blog post. In other you write, who is the audience in your head?

I mostly write for me to get things off my chest. I love to write and at the time I started this blog I was going through some family stuff and needed to vent. Had no one really to listen at the time so I started my blog to get things off my chest and just put my thoughts out there.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Ok, much has happened since I have blogged or Hoge Podged. I was in Cleveland 2 hours from home planning to work there. I was doing the testing thing going to the computer classes and all that stuff. I came home for the weekend. On Saturday night I was attempted to help our old dog into the house because her back legs do not work so well any more. She fell, I lifeted her and tried to assist her up the step into the house. She fell again this time twisting my wrist in an awkard way. PAIN shot through my wrist, my right wrist. I am right handed. PAIN< PAIN AND MORE PAIN. She got in I cried myself to sleep and called the doctor first thing in the morning. Nothing was broken, Praise God! But it was sprained. I was not able to use it. I called the agency that I was working for. they called the hospital. My contract was canceled because I could not work.
I was bummed. I had to go up there and clean out my palce and come back home and look, yet again, for another job.  I did have a part time job at a local community college teaching nursing (this is what I am going to school to get my Master's degree in). I went in for my scheduled visit. The Dean of nursing said she wanted to talk to me because she had a resignation and would like me to work full time and becme faculity if I could finish my Master's by October of next year. But for the moment I could work as a community faculity full time if I wanted. OF COURSE I WANTED!!! Its Local!!!
Since then my school has told me with hard work I could finish the degree and a faculity position has been offered to me which I accepted!!! We are working out details and getting orientated but I have a local job!!!! PRISE THE LORD!!!! IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF HIM!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hodge Podge time


1. In an effort to combat obesity, the mayor of NYC has plans to ban the sale of large sugary drinks (anything over 16 oz.), initially in restaurants, movie theatres, and street carts. Corner stores would also be affected if they are defined as food service establishments. You can read more here. Your thoughts?

I think this is still America and we have rights! Now a government is telling us what to eat or drink! It is totally unacceptable!! What is next will they be telling us what to wear and where we can go????

2. Art festival, music festival, food festival...which would you most like to attend?

I just love festivals. I would go to any. I love to see the sights and watch the people.

3. What are you irrational about?
It seems I am irrational about my brother. He gets into my heart! I can not bear to hear or see him cry. He leaves this woman and goes back again and again. I even pay for his phone just so he has one of his own. I do not think I would put up his antics from anyone else. My kids even tell me let him go do his own thing.....but when he calls crying i have to he is one of my kids...

4. Do you feel confident you'll have a comfortable retirement?
I think we will do ok. 

5. What's been your favorite Olympic moment so far?
(Not ever, just in the 2012 Summer games.)

Gabby winning the gold in gymnastics. Phelps winning the gold and breaking the records.

6. What would you label as the messiest room in your house?
right now it is my office. My hubby fixed a book shelf for me so I could get all my books put away and they are everywhere in here.

7. Do you follow your heart or your head?
Unfortunately I think I follow my heart too much. Sometimes I think I should follow my head.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
At the moment I am home for a week. DO not go back to travel assignment until the 16th of August. I have a sprained wrist. We have this old dog, very old on her way out, but that is another story, any how I was assisting her up the stairs into the house because she fell on the step. Well she fell again and this time on my hand, wrist and her whole 100lbs landed on my wrist!  OUCH!!! So I am back home and everything including my pay ison hold for a week.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Its Hodge Podge Time

1. I'm joining my daughter1 in the 101 in 1001 challenge. Essentially you create a list of 101 things you want to accomplish or do in the next 1001 days. What's one thing you'd put on your list?

Get my Master's Degree in Nursing Education and teach.

2. How many remote controls do you have in your house? What's one item in your home you wish could be run by remote control?

6.  I wish the washer and dryer had a robot actually that could do my laundry, fold it and put it away.

3. What does having it all mean to you? Is it attainable?

Having it all means a good job that I like and my husband and I be able to travel here and there or where ever . Yes it is attainable

4. What's your favorite movie soundtrack?

I really do not have a favorite movie sound track but then again. I remember Jesus Christ Superstar from when I was a kid. I sometimes sing the songs in my head. I know it is not the right version of the historical event. I do not believe the message it had. But any day I could find my self singing in my head "Whats the buzz tell me what's happening?"

5. Describe the best view you've seen from a rooftop?
The best view from a rooftop was at the beach looking out over the ocean and seeing a school of dolphins swim by.

6. What's your least favorite thing about summer?
Bugs!!!! Any kind of creepy crawly, flying, biting thing!

7. Our weekly Hodgepodge lands on the first day of August. In ten words or less sum up your July.
I spent the first 17 days with my grandchildren. Wonderful!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I do not understand how people can be abusive and use people. My brother, yes he is a man, is in an abusive relationship. There are children involved. Every time he tries to get out she will not let him see his children and he goes back. My heart breaks for him, but I realize now, just today, he is the only one who can change the situation he is in. It breaks my heart but I can not help him anymore. he keeps going back even when she verbally abuses him, accuses him of sleeping with others and tells him he can stay home with the kids and she will work. He is a man!!! and he is a mess!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Job New Temporay Home

Well I have been here in my temporary home since last Tuesday. It is an extended stay hotel. It is a decent room with full kitchen and bathroom. I am on the first floor, do not know if I like that. The only problem I have with the room besides the TV stations, which I will talk about in a few, is ants. I noticed them two days ago and tonight I swear I saw a small piece of popcorn moving, I'm not kidding I really saw it!
lets talk about the TV here. It is HORRIBLE! I have 3 ESPN stations, I HATE sports, only watch with hubby and rarely. I have TNT, TBS, Showtime 1&2, and some local stations that is it!!!! I have no Food Network, No Bravo TV, no Lifetime TV, and no ID TV!!! I hate it. I have to say I live on those channels. Now I am here for 13 weeks without them!!! I will deal but I do not like it. I can not watch my Housewives!!!! ;(
I have completed all the stuff for the job except a med test and a ecg test, not like the last one just general knowledge stuff. I am headed home for the weekend then back to start actually nursing in a CANCER hospital on Monday!!! I'll keep ya posted how it goes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Hodge Podge


1. The Summer Olympics officially begin this Friday...will you be watching? If you could see just one event in person which one would you pick?

Gymnastics. I love them and I love to watch. I like the women's better than than the men's  better. But I most likely will watch a bunch of the events.

2. Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?
Mostly lazy days make me feel unproductive. I have such a busy life some times when these things happen I need to move. I feel I am a big procrastinator. I put things off then scramble like a chicken with my head cut off.

3. July 25 is 'officially' Threading the Needle day...can you sew? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being Betsy Ross-like, how would you rate your skill with a needle and thread?
I am about a 3. I can thread a needle and make a few stitches, but that's about it..

4. Threading the Needle can also mean to walk a fine line between two things or issues (think awkward social situation). When was the last time you had to 'thread the needle', figuratively speaking?
My last job when I felt as if I was walking on egg shells and I got fired for something I told them about before I was hired. It was a very weird situation
I hope I am never involved in that again.
5. Kidney, pinto, black, or navy-your favorite bean?
I like black beans on Mexican food but not plain, they have no flavor. Kidney in chili .

6. Have you ever hosted a garage sale? Was it more success or bust?
No I have never hosted a garage sale.
7. What makes you roll your eyes?
this may sound awful but here goes. Stupid people who run their mouths like they know everything when in fact the know very little. That makes my skin crawl and my eyes roll.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am now in my new temporary home at my travel assignment.  I start orientation tomorrow. I am good. I feel good. My hubby will come here or I will go home on days off. its a new adventure.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I must keep my eyes on God

yesterday was not a good day for me. The travel agency needs me to get some shots or titers to prove I had the shots. I went to a local Urgent Care only to find out I have to pay for these shots because my insurance will not cover it. Looking at my financial situation yesterday on my own just made me cry. I could not remember being this poor since I have become a nurse. Not to mention the bank is most likely going to take the house in SC cause I can not pay for it. I can't even keep up with bills here right now and they really are not bad. So after the urgent care told me I had to pay for shots to work I had a massive melt down! I cried, and cried and cried. I called my mom and cried. I kept talking to God telling him I am doing what you wanted me to do. I am here now and have less money than I have had in long long time. I told Him I am so poor now I am not even going to be able to work because I do not have gas money to get to Cleveland let alone pay for food while I am there.

My husband came home from work and noticed my state of mind. He told me he had forgotten to tell me we have a check from our insurance company for prescriptions I had gotten. The first check was $149.00, the second check is for 29.00. We talked about the shots and decided I should let the agency know I can not pay for them and could they take them out of my first pay. I will know about that tomorrow. He also had some extra cash and sent me to get ice cream sundaes for both of us at the local Tasty Freeze.

I thanked the Lord for him all night because this man he gave me to be my husband really knows me and takes care of me. As I was thanking Him I realized I had not even attempted to read, pray or praise Him I woke up in a foul mood and pretty much got lower and lower in the pit all day.

This morning I went to church Praised the Lord, read the scripture prayed and confessed my sins of doubt and I am much better today!

So the plan is no matter what is happening keep my eyes on God!!! Do you need to change your focus?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Hello All,
I know I have not been here as I once was but right now things are a little crazy and hectic. I had to except a travel nurse job, to get some money because unemployment is still not decided for me and I have to pay my bills, so I am headed up to Cleveland for 13 weeks. I will be home every chance I get but I had to start working. So I am running around town getting information for the files they need and trying to get ready.

Hopefully things will settle down when I get up there and I can be more attentive.

God bless.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its Wednesday...Must be Hodge Podge

1. How often do you check the weather? How do you check the weather?

I check the weather frequently.  I have it on my iphone. I must know what the weather is going to be like before I get dressed for the day.

2. Since this is Volume 84 of the Wednesday Hodgepodge, and since I got married in 1984, and since I'm attending a wedding this weekend, it only seems right to post something related here.

 "Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least. They always continue to grow sufficiently unlike afterwards to have their share of vexation; and it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life." Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
 Agree or Disagree? Why?
Hmm! I do not know if I agree or disagree I think happiness in a not chance but a goal to work towards. If I hold every problem against my spouse that I have ever found out about him I become bitter and have animosity against him. I view everyday as a new beginning and way to have fun and enjoy my spouse. We will be married 30 years this year and have been together for 35. I can still say he is my best friend and the person I count on the most. yeah we have our ups and downs but we still have a very happy marriage and enjoy each others company.

3. Do you like to dance? Have you ever taken dance lessons?
I love to dance but have never taken lessons. I just do it for fun or when ever I feel like it. Not that good but I have fun.

4. Fresh from the oven peach pie or homemade peach ice cream. Pick one.
peach pie yummy!!!!warm with vanilla ice cream

5. Should people accept unfairness and learn to make the best of it?

Unfairness is a way of life it happens every day but I do not think we should have to get used to it. This is America and we can fight for what we think it right and fair.

6. The top five all time summer blockbuster movies (released between May and August and grossing at least 100 million dollars) are Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars (the original), Ghostbusters, and E.T. Which one's your favorite?

I would have to say Ghostbuster's. When it came out my kids were little and they loved it. When the video came out they watched it so much I could quote it. Now we are anxiously awaiting for the last sequel. Ghostbusters 3!

7. If given the chance, would you like to visit the moon?

No I would not like wearing the space suit and helmet. No oxygen would be my down fall.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I applied for unemployment 7 weeks ago. It has been held up for technicalities.  They keep saying they are sending it to technical support and to call back tomorrow.....AAAHHHH!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning spending quiet time with God

its Sunday morning and I have been spending quiet time with God. I have been reading a plan in my devotions for a year of Psalms and Proverbs. Today two verses struck me from Proverbs 12 which I was reading today.
Proverbs 12:4 An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who shames him is like rottenness in her bones.
This verse struck me because of all the hoopla going on for a male stripper movie. People are up in arms that Christian woman are going to see this movie and flaunting it on their Facebook pages and everywhere else. I have to say when I first saw the previews I thought I might want to see this movie too. As time has gone on I really do not care to. I saw two movies this week and enjoyed them more than ever. They were Brave and Madagascar 3. I saw both with my grandson. Both were terrific. I think movies should be entertaining but at what cost? Some one told me once garbage in makes garbage come out. Once the smut is in there (your brain) it is hard to get it out. So why should I spend money I do not have on smut. My husband would not mind either way if I go or if I do not. But for right now in this moment in time I am saying not and choosing not to see this movieonly because I want to be a crown to my husband and not add rottenness to his bones.

The second verse that struck me is:
Proverbs 12:18 There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, but the tounge of the righteous brings healing.
I know people, Christian people who think their job is to warn the world of all the wrong they are doing. The Bible does not say tell the world in rash and hurtful words EVERYTHING it is doing wrong. It does say to LOVE one another. If we LOVE one another we do not hurt them! Words can hurt sometimes more than any other weapon! My nephew posted a picture on his Facebook of Christians holding signs in protest saying God Hates You. Where do the find this in the Bible. I challenge them to show me passage and verse in context. Jesus Christ talked about LOVE not WAR. Our words should build people up not break them down. I may not agree with what an individual is doing but that does not mean I hate the person. because I am a sinner just as they are! My sin is different but I do have sin just like every other human born. That is why my savior Jesus Christ came to die for me and you no matter what!

Good Sunday Morning to all! I hope you have a wonderful day.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July and other random thoughts

Happy 4th of July!!

I am truly excited to spend this day with my 6 year old grandson Ethan. We only have 1 more week together before he goes back home which is why my celebration today will send me to the local Urgent Care facility. I think I am getting a sinus infection. Actually I know I am and it is complicated y the fact that I have run out of prescribed medications. This did not happen over night I called the doctors last week before I ran out and have never received a call back from him. I am not mad at this because of recent storms have messed up communications around here.
I finally have an appointment with a primary care physician, on July 18! I have been trying to get one for almost a year. So every time I need a medication refill I have had to call my endocrinologist who takes care of the diabetes and beg him to refill another script. so this is good. However I have run out of medications and the Urgent Care Center can refill and get me back to normal!

Let's see what has been happening. we went to the pool twice and had a great time! Then my hubby went with Ethan and he fell from his tube in the lazy river and ended up with 4 staples in his head. (Terrible experience for for all!!) He is fine now will get staples out on Saturday.
Since then Ethan and I have just had fun spending time together! Crafting, snuggling, talking, and whatever....

O well enjoy your 4th everyone!!! I plan too and end this day with sitting on my back porch watching the town's fireworks display!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Having a great time

 I am having a wonderful time with my grandson, although I have to say he has much more energy than me. My last week with Sharon, Remy and Ethan was terrific. I love that the kids love my dad and always want to see him so we headed to my dad's for a few days and that was great too. Remy is teething and has some stomach issues going on right now but we still managed to have a great time. We played and ran around and just plain had fun. Sharon and Remy went home on Wednesday and Ethan is staying till July 11. He has already worn out his Me-maw and pap so tomorrow we are going to a movie and going to stay in the air conditioning cause central Ohio has been a scorcher.  O well I am going to get off and try to get some rest. But I will leave you with a few photos.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hodge Podge

1. What do the words 'freedom' and 'liberty' mean to you? Does your mind go more in the direction of not being persecuted or discriminated against or does it head in the direction of doing what you please?

Freedom and liberty mean America to me. I have many freedoms in this country I would not have in other countries including this blog.

2. Nathan's sponsors a hot dog eating contest every 4th of July. Last year over 40,000 people attended the event and almost 2 million watched it on TV. The winner ate over 60 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. How do you like your hot dogs?

Just ketchup for me. Heinz ketchup is best!

3. If you were going to enter an eating contest what would be on the menu?

Pizza or chocolate would be on my menu! Maybe both!

4. Do you run your house more as a dictatorship or a democracy?

definitely democracy. we talk about it then I usually do what I want or he does what he wants.

5. Where was your favorite summer place when you were a kid?

One of two places we used to go to a water park in Ohio called Holiday Sands.
I spent a big part of my childhood here in the summers. Sadly it is no longer there. Or  Kennywood park! Loved them both!

6. Do you have a guest room? Would you want to stay there?

My daughter and her family or my son and his family.

7. Next Wednesday America celebrates her independence. Do you have any special plans for the 4th of July? If you live outside the USA when and how does your country celebrate its own patriotic holiday?

I think my grandson and I are  going to go back to my dad's house cause hubby is working.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I am having a wonderful time spending time with my daughter and grandsons. Remy the younger one is teething two year old molars and he is getting pukey.  But we are still having fun. He is fine then starts coughing because of allergies then it well you figured it out. My daughter and Remy are leaving tomorrow but older grandson Ethan staying until July 11 when I take him home and stay there a few days.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My daughter and grands are coming tonight. They will get on a plane on the west coast at 1pm which is 4pm our time. They will get here at 11pm our time which is 7 pm their time. I am so excited to see them!!!! I can't wait to hug and kiss all of them even my daughter as she complains "Mom!" She loves it she knows she does! One of my biggest prayers is that she and her family will move back east closer to home. I do get to see them several times a year but it is hard! My son lives in up state SC just moving back with his in-laws to start a new job and new future for his family. I haven't seen him in a while either. They do not have money to travel as much, and and with my financial situation now it is not easy.
Anyway, I will be a bundle of nerves all day while my daughter and her boys fly. But it will be so wonderful when they get here!