Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fifteen minutes of Fame but at What price

Seems everyone these days is looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Reality TV is the thing these days. We have a bunch of girls trying to catch the eye of one man who could be the one; and do not forget every once in a while we have 25 guys trying to meet miss right. We have competitions where normal people compete to be called the best chef, hair stylist or designer. We even have young girls who wish to be models compete for the ultimate prize of being the best model. We watch families who are supposed to be living their normal life in front of bunches of cameras. I admit I watch these shows to but when is it too much. After all these are not movie stars they are average people like you and me who are now celebrities because the gave the privacy away for a time for us to watch.
I am wondering if children are involved and parents let the cameras into their lives and then continue to put themselves into the light will the children be scared by this? I am wondering about all this because of the Gosslin children. Kate Gosslin is now going to be dancing with the stars. I am upset about this. The children I am sure will be sitting on the sidelines watching mommy dance and yet again putting a spot light on small children who have no choice in the matter.
So I am wondering is the fifteen minutes of fame really worth it? What is the price in the end? Who benefits and who suffers?
I myself enjoy my boring sometimes too busy life. I do not want not nor never to give up that freedom at any cost.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Rants and thoughts

I am off from work today but I have a million things to do in fact sitting here in front of this computer is taking me away from another task I have to do. I have school work due today, a work project due by next Thursday, a conference tomorrow for Oncology Nursing Society at a resort which I am hotel contact person (I will be SO GLAD when this is over the committee and chairperson have been driving me crazy, not to mention the hundred emails I get from them a day AAARRRGGGHHH!)
What I have noticed with all this business I have not been to church for a few weeks. I went with my parents in Myrtle Beach when I am up there on the weekend, but lately I have been working a bunch of weekends. I have to stop that. I am going to make a point to get to church tomorrow night after the conference.
Work is very crazy right now JAHCO the hospital inspection people are coming in next week. They were there once and we had some issues to take care of so they are back to see if the issues have been fixed. Needless to say the boss people are crazy right now.

My home has also been a flutter of activity. We got our income tax return and have done a few things in the house and bought a few things for the house. We bought a new washer and dryer (my dryer has been dying for a while). We also got a great deal on office furniture 75% off! Four pieces of furniture nice stuff for $270 dollars! SO now I have to pack up this room and make that transformation.

I had planned to give my old washer and dryer to my sister who told me she would love to have it because hers is worse than mine. Then I find out a friend of mine really needs the washer. When I told my sister this she said that is ok I got a washer from a friend a couple weeks ago. I am disturbed by this because apparently she was going to take my old stuff and she did not need it. If no one I knew needed it we were going to take it to the Habitat for Humanity store and I told her this but she would rather get it for herself or sell it!
This deception makes me want to go through with a practical joke we planned for her. I decided against it because it is just mean and will upset her...But now....hmmm. You may be wondering what the joke is so I will tell you: My sister had planned on a big check from the government but because of a act of her own doing they kept her money. She told me this when I stopped one night. She had planned on paying a few things with this. Then she turned to me with a serious and scared face and asked me if my nephew's braces could be repossessed because she was late on the payment. (OMG I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Then went into my nephew's room, he is 16 and told him he'd better keep his mouth closed because I saw someone lurking around the neighborhood with wire cutters...LOL!!! He just laughed and rolled his eyes at me in that teenage way.) So after telling my husband this story who told it to the guys he works with we came up with a plan. I will not give all the detail because I do not know if she reads this (don't think she does but you never know) you can probably figure out what the plan is with my nephew being a part of the joke. I will let you know if we go ahead with the plan. I am still debating in my brain if could go through with it. Any how enough about her.

I am really thinking these days why do I over commit my self so much? I get so tired sometimes I just do not want to get out of bed. I have school (which I graduate end of May with my Bachelor's degree in nursing!!!!! Then I am taking a small break and moving on to Master's), work (who like to put more and more on to me), I offered to volunteer at The Pregnancy Center in town as a church reach out to the community. I am the secretary of the local chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society, hotel liaison for this conference tomorrow. I have decide to give my brain a vacation this summer just meaningless vacation mind mush is what I am looking forward to. Although as I say that I am thinking maybe I should work on my oncology certification while off of school. See I just cant stop!!

I am very excited to announce my daughter and son in law will be having another boy baby in July. I am headed to the west coast in May for a conference and to see them. Then after the baby is born I am positive I will go for visit. Also my daughter asked that I come after her maternity leave is over to spare her new baby from just a few more weeks of day care.

I also plan to go to see my grandmother sometime in April. I have not seen her since November. She is 96. I do call her once a week or so but I want to see her again.

O well guess I better get moving in here if I want to get this done. I should really go now.

Intelligent people doing stupid things

This topic has perplexed me today. I found out of a nurse manager who took a student with her as she stole supplies from the hospital to care for a family member at home with out taking them to the doctor. WOW this is really a big deal! First of she stole from the hospital. Second she took a witness to her theft! Third and most important she has acted as doctor and nurse for this family member! That is also against the law. She could loose her license! She does not think she did anything wrong! I am baffled! Denial and pride can bring anyone to a down fall. This particular nurse manager was escorted by security off the premises!

For the life of me I do not understand why after working to get a license and all the education needed to be a manager of an area would someone want to jeopardize all that time and effort? Maybe she thought she was above the law? I do not know. She always seemed like a good nurse to me strong willed but good nurse. I have known her for a while and I am totally baffled!
All I have to say is I hope and pray I never get to the point where I think I am somehow above the law and do anything this stupid.

I know this post may not be politically correct but like my friend Cindy I can not keep up with who or whom I may be offending now simply by stating my opinion. Well this is my blog and here I am daring to be just me!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Good News from Doctor

I went for a CT or CAT scan today to rule out the bad stuff my head tells me is wrong with me and my stomach. I drank all the nasty stuff and amazed my self that it stayed down. Went in for the scan, got an IV placed the contrast that goes into the IV feels like a rush of hot stuff surging through your body. Then a very warm sensation, lets just say it feels like you are wetting yourself but you are not.
After the test I went up to spend the day with dad and step mom; I love spending time with them. While I was there I got a call from the doc. The scan was CLEAN no problems which is a good thing. Put the crazy mind to rest now Becky and move on! So whats next obviously I do have a problem with my stomach. The doc is sending me for a small bowel follow through study. Basically this test will follow the contents of my stomach for over a four hour period to see if my stomach has been effected by the diabetes and has a slower absorption rate. I will keep you posted.