Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom is OK

Mom is ok. She was taken to the hospital in WV by ambulance. They did scans and xrays. She has a concussion, and whip lash. She was released when my sisters got there. The driver who hit her was drunk and driving way over the speed limit. He was arresed and will be charged. I guess mom will have to press charges. According to the garage where my jeep was taken said it is totaled. I had to call a lawyer.

Mom was rear ended on her trip

Mom was rear ended in West Virginia. She was driving down highway 79 and was hit from behind. She said he hit her from behind then passed her and got off the exit. I just happened to call her because I had not heard from her. I was talking to her when the man came to the car. The police were called and mom was taken to the hospital because she hit her head an she is on blood thinners. She was taken to United Hospital in WV. My sisters are on their way to her now as I type.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Mom

Today I completed packing my mom and all that we could fit of her stuff into my jeep so she can move back to Pittsburgh. She has lived in South Carolina for 2 years and now since my grandmother is back home mom is going back too. She cared for my grandmother for the last 16 years before she went into the nursing home. Now she is terribly lonely without my grandmother and misses her. She does not know where she will live when she gets there. She will most likely stay with one of my sisters for a while. All she knows is she can visit my grandmother everyday if she wants.. My Nana, my grandmother, is 96 years old. She asks for my mom all the time and asks where she is. So mom is going to spend time with her.

I think it is wonderful that she is going to spend time with my Nana. I will miss mom because she has been here with me for the last two years. But, I know she needs to be with my nana. I love her very much and I am proud of her.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Motorcycles you may like them I do not. I did ride on a motorcycle when I was a teenager with my step father and I guess that experience scared me because I do not like them. I have a another problem with those who chose to ride with out a helmet. I know you have a right to ride without the helmet if the state law allows. I have a problem because I am a nurse; I have had patients that have been in accidents without helmets it is not pretty. The accident may not even be their fault but because they were not wearing a helmet they are now suffering a head trauma. It is not pretty. I think after buying a motorcycle everyone should get hit in the head with a hammer (rubber, I do not want to hurt anyone); then they should be told it will feel much worse when your head hits the pavement!
Why am I ranting about this now.? Well it is getting warmer and more and more motorcycles will be on the road and like I said I am a nurse so I may see these patients after an accident this summer.

I will stop ranting now and I know I ill pray for all those riding this summer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back to the real world

I am back home from the west coast and Sharon's house. I had a wonderful time while I was there spending much time with my grandson. It was wonderful! I got to read a whole children's Bible to him. He is such a character and can tell some stories! The funny thing is I have been home for three days two of which I worked and it seems like it was so long ago that I saw them. I will see them again hopefully in September, definitely in December for Kevin's birthday. This is the world we live in families are not right around the corner anymore. We are scattered across the globe. More and more I learn to trust God to protect my family and give me strength. I trust Him to make sure they are OK. I also trust Him to help me deal with the miles between my family and me. He is always there. I got a call from my daughter just a little while ago Ethan, she does not remember why or how, but they had a discussion about God and who he is and she told him about God! This is amazing to me because my daughter although she does believe in God does not want to live the Christan lifestyle. God is great! I pray for them everyday and everyday I pray that my grandson will know who He is and learn about him. Today a prayer was answered my daughter talked to my grandson about God! Praise YOU Lord!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


I am sitting here in my daughters kitchen. Ethan and Kevin are in the living room watching noggin and playing with the dogs. Just the sound of their playing makes me realize how blessed I am. God gave me my wonderful husband and because of that I have this wonderful boy to love and play with. I have a tendency sometimes to focus on the negative side of life and cry out my feelings so today I am just sharing blessings and giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings He gave me.

-30 years ago I met a wonderful man in the mountains of Pennsylvania. He was the friend of my cousin's boyfriend. We have been together ever since.

-I have two wonderful children who are both good kids.

-My children were both blessed with good mates who love them.

-I am Memaw of two great grand kids

-No matter the distance between us my family is still strong and all love each other.

-God allowed us to save some money so Kevin and I could come out here and spend time with Sharon and her family.

-Kevin and I both have good jobs and although times are bad we are still working.

-We are all healthy.

-We all have a place to live.

I could go on and on. I think I will try to make at least one blessings post a week just so I can thank God for the blessings he has given me that week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A wonderful time

It is just past 8 am here in Oregon. Everyone is still sleeping. But I am still on east coast time I guess. Anyway, I am having a wonderful time! My grandson is a true treasure! I am so happy my precious Lord helped me to get here. I fretted so much about little things like the long plane ride or that I may have a panic attack while I was watching my grandson while my daughter and her husband were at school and work. I am happy to say I feel terrific and I am having a wonder time! Spending time with my little boy is truly a blessing and a joy! Yesterday we spent the whole day together alone it was great except for the two poop accidents in his his pants, those I did not enjoy at all. He says the cutest things. We were having a conversation about something and I ask him if he could whistle. He told me no because his voice was crocked. I laughed so hard! He also put a blanket over my head and I told him not to because I did not like that. He told it was OK you wouldn't die. O my goodness, I have been laughing everyday! He talks so much and says the silliest things.
Kevin is coming tomorrow and Ethan will be so excited he has been asking for him everyday. I can't wait for him to spend time with our precious boy.
Thank you Lord Jesus, for giving me this precious little boy to love! Thank you for allowing me to come here and thank you for giving me the strength to overcome my demons to enjoy my time here. In Your precious and Holy Name . Amen!