Sunday, November 28, 2010


A wonderful thing happened today, well it actually started a while ago but today it finally happened! About a month ago on faebook an old friend from high school and I talked she let me know she had found a mutal friend of ours. She was talking to her on the phine and me on facebook. She gave me her phone number. Since then we have tried to talk to each other but only played phine tag. As we were trying to get to talk to each other the memories have flown back. So many memories. We were all soo close and swore we would always stay together. But as life does it moved us all apart, from one side of the country to the other. We lost contact and all went on with our lives. Now through the miracle of technology we have found each other again. We are talking about a reunion of us girls....O My goodness that would be soo wonderful!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Decisions are not easy

I am thinking and thinking and thinking.....sometimes I think I think too much.....
I am in school for my master's degree as many of you know in nursing. This is a big task and I have decided to my best at this. I feel by doing my best I am honoring God who has given me this opportunity. So I applied for a couple day time jobs which would leave me open on nights and weekends to do school. I thought I was perfectly qualified for the first job; everyone told me I was. The interviews went great. I made it all the way to the end of the process and then I heard nothing. I called they told me it still looked good but they were still interveiwing. I still heard nothing so I thought well for some reason this job was stalled and I would hear at some future point. So I moved on. I got a call from a friend of mine who is the manager in the cancer clinic. She had a job I would be perfect for triage of cancer patients at the clinic. it is a Mon- Fri job, no weekends or holidays. A regular job, now I work 3/ 12 hr night shifts which really messes up the rest of my life. I work night so I sleep in the day; kevin works swing shift so he works days and nights. But he works 4 days on and 4 days off so my 3/ 12s work with his schedule because we can have days off together and manke plans and do things.
Ok so my friend offers me this job. Kevin and I talk and the two of us decide it is a good thing so we can go along with our two year plan of me finishing school and moving closer to home in two years. So I have done everything Stacy wants me to do. The new schedule where I work comes out and I am not on it. I call Stacy and I get a text that syas we have to talk money and she will call me later. If I move to the clinic I will already take a pay cut because I will not be getting my shift diffrential. So I told Stacy I would want to take this job for my base pay. So if we have to talk money that is making me think they want to work for less. What do I do??? Take a pay cut???? or stay where I am????
I need God to show me the way...... Please pray for guidance.......

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window the fall has finally reached the south...the leaves are falling from the trees and make a magical crunch as I walked across the front yard to get the mail. The air is still warm as the south should be but cool enough to enjoy it..

I am thinking God is good all the time

I am thankful for I am truly blessed. I have many friends the Lord has lead into my life from several venues from in person to Internet connections. My family is terrific and I my husband and I are both working

From the kitchen today I have something cooking!! ;) I have double chocolate brownies in the oven....and later stuffed meatballs

I am wearing jeans, comfy sock slippers and a flannel shirt

I am studying the respiratory system

I am going to teach at church later Kids Pointe, then church in the morning and back to work tomorrow night

I am reading still reading the centurion's wife getting to the good part

I am hoping I can go home to see my grandmother soon....she will be 97 on Dec 15 this year

I am hearing the washing machine on the spin cycle and Tombstone the movie in the living room

Around the house the living room needs vacuumed when Kevin wakes fall decorations are out in the dining room....the smell of brownies lingers around the house

One of my favorite things I love Autumn...the way the trees turn colors of the rainbow a picture painted by God for us to enjoy

A few plans for the week usual school and work....Kevin and I are going down town Charleston for a date and dinner on Thanksgiving, then shopping on Black Friday

Monday, November 15, 2010

My quiet time

This morning Kevin wanted to go for a bike ride so I went with him. He rides faster and farther than I do so I suggested parking at the Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, SC. The Abbey is a home for monks that has gardens open to the public and several tours. I suggested I would go there when I was done and wait for him. I took my ride then went back to the truck to go to the gardens. I parked the truck in the parking area that looks out over the water.

Something, the Holy Spirit, told me to bring a Bible, pen, paper and camera. Next I found my self on a by the river under a big oak tree reaching down to the water. (the picture is above). Not knowing what to read I prayed"Dear Lord please open my heart and mind to You so I may see what You want me to see and learn here today." 1 Corinthians 10 came to mind. Since my favorite verse is 1 Corinthians 10:13 I read the chapter. Now I am sitting here in the shade of a big oak tree with the moss hanging down and touching the river with the birds singing while I wait foe Kevin and spend time with my Lord.
I realized I have been taking my favorite verse completely out of content. In verses 1-11 Paul talks of how the Israelites were saved walked through the Red Sea saw the miracles first hand and then turned from God causing them to die in the wilderness as punishment. How many times have I see God's miracles a rainbow in the sky, a new born baby, and all the wonderful miracles of this world God has given us and turned away from Him. Thought I do not want to read my bible now because I want to watch TV. Not now I will get to it. How many times have I felt the twinge of the Spirit to talk to this person or say a prayer for that one or just give that one a hug; and I walked away. Verse 12 says if you think you are standing firm be careful for you to may fall into sin. Verse 27 says if a nonChristain invites you for dinner go and eat what they eat. But do not do anything to cause to make them stumble and move away from God.

This chapter tells me how to minister to the ungodly and that I should. it tells me Jesus dies for sinners and I am a no better I am also a sinner. I should not be proud or afraid Jesus spirit is with me always and I should follow where He leads and give Him the glory.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I will follow where you your precious and holy Name....Amen...

Just my thoughts for the day......

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Out side my window It is a wonderful day the leaves have fallen from the trees in my yard. I love the way they crunch under my feet when I walk through the yard. The temp is 66 degrees, the sun is shining through the trees, it is late afternoon it will be going down soon.

I am thinking I have to get ready for Kids Pointe (church for kids at my church) soon. I have to be there in an hour and a half...and I am getting tired I worked last night and have not slept yet and I am not tired... and O MY GOODNESS WHAT IS THAT SMELL?? THE DOG HAS GAS AGAIN!!! (Sorry I am back now, whew!)

I am thankful for my wonderful husband..he loves me and I sometimes don't know why..(I can be a bit neurotic at times and have many more flaws I could name but I won' least not now) He makes me laugh. I am so very thankful for his salvation and his relationship with Jesus

From the kitchen sorry folks nothing it is clean nothing cooking..

I am wearing grey leggings, white socks and my purple tank top..(crazy mix I know just took off my sweatshirt when I got home from the walk for The Low Country Pregnancy Center)

I am studying( I changed the creating to studying because that is what I do now because I am in school for my masters in nursing.) The cardiac system in my pathophysiology class.

I am going to church in an hour and a half to teach my kids 3-5 graders. Tomorrow to church in the morning then I don't know.

I am reading The Centurion's Wife; when I am not reading school stuff.

I am hoping I get the job I am interviewing for Monday.

I am hearing the TV 48 hours Hard Evidence.

Around the house my fall decorations are out. The house is a little messy but not bad.

One of my favorite things my curio cabinet with my collection of carousel horses..

A few plans for the rest of the week I have an interview on Monday for a M-F, 9-5 job to help me get school assignments in on time and have regular hours. I have a meeting of the board for Oncology Nursing Society. Spend some time with my hubby and go to work.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stand Firm

I woke up way to early this morning. I could have turned on the TV and lost myself in whatever was on but for some reason God led me to my Bible early this Tuesday morning. When I opened my Bible The first thing I saw was the notes from the Women's Conference last month. I reread them, alone in my quiet room. I believe someone out there needs to here what I learned there that weekend. SO here goes!

First you have to know the speaker was a Christian woman who's husband is a minister and was following God's plan for them. Her husband and son had gone on a skiing trip. They were on their way back to their Nebraska home when their storm hit.
Her and her daughter were sitting in the living room and got a call from her son. He said to her "Mom dad and I were in a wreck, I am OK but dad can not feel his legs."
he told her where they were and where they were taking them. She through a few things in her bag and left her house never to return again. This started the her storm. Months of hospitals, surgeries, therapy, and having to move to a new home all while her husband was in the hospital paralyzed from the arm pits down.
This what I learned from her as she spoke at the conference.
Day One:
Storms will come without warning so let your roots grow deep. You do not know when they will happen. Matthew 7:24-25. God did not call us to be easy, breezy and beautiful all the time. We are the reflection of Him. The evil one knows this and wants us to fail. The storm WILL come.

Live your life with no regrets. The people in your life are there for a reason and they are valuable. Treat every good-bye and hello like it is your last. What if we really loved those who God placed in our lives. What would happen if we loved them like Jesus LOVED us. UNCONDITIONALLY...

God wants to use us in our brokenness. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. We as women pretend with each other. We say all is "OK" even though we are crying on the inside. We all struggle. Sometimes we even look at someone else and say I"I wish I had what she has." But the problem is we do not see the whole picture. God sees the whole picture from beginning to end. Have you ever had a friend going through something and said "call me if you need something?" You know they will never call but we hand out broken promises. Don't say call if you need me......go make them a dinner watch the children for a day, buy them some groceries.
We isolate ourselves when we are broken. God loves brokenness! Embrace the brokenness, God does! Gratefulness and despair can not live in the same place. Gratefulness and despair are closely linked.

Acts 16:23-25 Worship in your storm. If I put my eye on Him. He will get me through. We try to escape so we can get out of our storm. We bargain with God "If you get me out of this I will do this..." Don't try to escape worship Him in the place where you are. When I lift Him up my circumstances become small..

Why does God allow the storms?
Sometimes God allows a storm to change our path.
God allows storms to make us more like Jesus.
God allows storms so He can repair our brokenness.
God allows storms to get us ready for heaven to focus on what is really important.

That was day one. I will post more at a later date.

Dear God. I pray these words on this page will lead someone who is broken to you.
In Your Precious and Holy Name.....Amen