Monday, August 31, 2009

Thunder Storms

I wanted to go to work this morning just to get a few extra hours making phone calls and stuff. The alarm went off and I heard the thunder and rain. I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.
I love to sleep when there are thunder storms. I also love to watch the lightning light up the sky. When I was younger I was told the thunder was the angels bowling; and lightening was angels turning the lights off and on. It is amazing to me what we tell our children to explain life's mysteries. I remember telling my children the same stories.
I remember when I lived at my dad's house up on a hill in Pittsburgh the lightening used to hit the ground it was beautiful. My sister, step-mom and I would sit and watch like we were watching a fireworks display. But then again I guess lightening is God's display of fire works. One of them at least. I hope you are having a wonderful day where ever you are and you can see the magnificence of God in your day.

new age of doctors office

I just opened a virtual account with my doctors office. I can now log into the doctors office to book appointments, fill perscriptions, and ask questions of the doctor. Hmmm, is this the new age of healthcare? I guess it is ok as long as there is still face to face with the doctor but it has me wondering what will be next.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday was a sad day

Yesterday was a sad day. I went to the funeral of my friends 35 year old brother. Apparently their dad died in his early 30s also. It was sad for me to see the family of this young man so devastated. I could not help thinking about my baby brother who has his life so screwed up. Lesley, Carey's brother had diabetes and dealt with the complications on a daily basis. My brother, Tom, is healthy. (at least I think he is.) Lesley, had outwardly excepted the Lord and told people about his faith although he did not go to church he had a strong faith in God. My brother is not saved. Lesley has a daughter who is 16 and crushed. My brother has a 2 year old whom he adores.
My brother is a mess at times, he lives with an abusive woman who tries to control his every move. He puts up with it because of his son. It breaks my heart. Every few weeks they have a knock down drag out fight where usually my brother gets hauled away, because who could believe this man could be dominated by the small framed woman he lives with. Monday night was one of those nights. He started drinking again, that's a big problem for him. He says he wants to stand up get a job, because he is not allowed to work another woman may look at him and want him. SO he stays at home and watches my nephew while she works. He says he wants to get a job and place of his own, so he can file for custody of Tyler and be rid of all the other aggravation. I pray he does; I am so afraid I will be going to a funeral of another 30 something year old in the near future and it will be my own brother. My heart breaks when I think about it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Long day. Went to the zoo with my sister-in-law and 2 nieces the we drove to Greenville to have dinner with my son.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayers for my dear friend

Please say prayers for my dear friend Carey. Her 35 year old brother was found dead in his bed by his mom. They are all heart broken.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Makes me sad

I just saw a picture of my grandson Asher on facebook posted by his other grandmother, my daughter-in-law's mom. It makes me sad. My children both live by their in laws and it makes me sad. I only have two children and both of them moved away. I am sorry I am really having a pitty party for my self right now and almost cried when I saw my sweet Asher on facebook. I must be overly emotional now or something. Because it usually does not effect me this way. Sometimes though I just get to feeling BLUE about it. I always wanted to be my grandmother who had all the family at my house for Sunday dinner. I know times have changed and I actually moved away from my parent s too. Maybe I am to blame for my kids moving away. By me moving away I gave them the freedom to do it too.
I am sorry to be so negative today......Maybe I should go to bed now and wake up tomorrow with a whole new attitude....Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heavy Heart

I am feeling a bit blue right now because I chose to hide a friend on Facebook. No that does not mean she is till not my friend. I actually love her, she is a great person. But unfortunately her views and mine are quite different. She is very liberal and all her posts reflect that. It took a long time wrestling with this because I do not want to look like a prewd, but I just can not agree with some of her views. I will pray for her and hope that she comes to the Lord and realizes what she is saying offends some people.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't say NO

I have figured out I have a problem my problem is I can't say "NO". I am going to work on that. Because of this problem I have I completely over commit myself to the point of exhaustion. I think I do too much and because of this I don't always do what God wants me to do and I am so busy I can't hear Him. SO I will keep the commitments I have made. I will continue school and of course I have to work, but I talked to my boss and one day a month I can do a management day for work projects. Yes, there are some things I have to do to keep my pay level I am a clinical nurse 3. SO I will do those and a few things I mentioned to my boss that I thought would be good ideas for our unit and she told me that is great YOU can do that. I can do those things on the one management day a month. By the way all of the work projects will look good on a resume. I will help with ONS (Oncology Nursing Society), I am secretary until 2011. This only has once a month commitments also.
But I have been doing all this stuff for me and not listening to God as he has been calling my heart to work for Him. I have worked with youth all my Christan life but have not for the past few years. I think I am being called back to that. I am going to the youth meeting this week to check it out and I will be praying and spending quiet time with God to see if this is the work He wants me to do.

My prayer is "Lord please help me to see what You want me to do and where You want me to work for your kingdom. Please do not let me crowd my life with stuff that gets in the way of You. Thank you Lord."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my new blog

Busy...Busy...Busy..but am I too Busy

My summer has been a complete rush of everything. Family in town and entertaining for them; cleaning before they get here than after they leave. Traveling here and there with my husband, working, school and sitting in front of this computer.. Busy, busy,busy as an old saying from a childhood show says. What I just realized is have I been so busy that I have been neglecting God? Oh, I read my devotions most days. I pray most days. But do I pray as God tells me to continuously? No I do not think so. I used to talk to God all the time, but now I tend to keep my mind busy with school, or talking to someone on the phone or playing games. I really need to spend more time with God and doing what He wants me to do.

What is it He wants me to do? What are my gifts I am to use to serve Him?
My gifts are I believe mercy, which I use every day of my life I think. My job helps me use that one too.
I love to teach. I have not done that for a while but hope to do it again in the fall with jr high girls. I would love to teach and talk to them about the Lord. I believe this is a gift the Lord has given me also.
I also love to write. I used to write short stories all the time just for myself really. My family read some of them and told me to publish them. My dad thinks I should be a writer. I have been thinking about that one lately and have decided to start another blog with my short stories when the come to mind. I know, I know that is another thing to spend time on but I believe some of the short stories can appeal to the unsaved world and who knows maybe they will think about God.
So that is what I am going to do in the next few days. I am going to start another blog with just short stories from the inside of my head and my heart. Some are autobiographical some are pure fiction but the Lord has given me this gift and this is the perfect place to use it..
I will let you know when it is started if you want to know.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer almost over!!

Kev and I with son Bryan's family

Sister Norma and family

Sister Kellie and JaLiah

Mom and brother John

Us kids with mom

Well summer is almost over and it has been a busy one here in Charleston for this family. One more family to visit in a few weeks and then I think we have a break for a few months, WHEW! It has been wonderful spending time with all the family though.