Saturday, June 14, 2008

My babies all grown up

Do you have grown up children? Do you know what it is like to listen to them when they are unhappy? WHat can you do besides listen? Knowing that tomorrow may be a whole different day and they may be happy again. It is the hardest thing I've every done so far in my life. When my daughter cries or is mad and upset because of something it breaks my heart. I just want to scoop up her and my grnadson and bring them back to my home so I can make it all better, but I can't becasue she is an adult. So I listen, and then I pray.

I try not to get mad at my son-in-law who is the reason why she is upset or angry, but sometimes that is not easy either. I just want to thrash him and let him him know how he is making her feel. I want to punch his dad in the face because he is usung his son. They just bought a new house and instead of helping set up his new house and making it great for HIS family ; he is at his dad's working on his dad's house. So instead of getting amd or punching someone in the face; I listen and pray. Then I spill out my feelings here for the world to see but nobody reads my blog but me so that's ok.

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