Thursday, August 19, 2010

Realizing how lucky I am

I am at work and have been working for the past three days 12 hr shifts. I have a patient who is 47 years old. She had laryngeal cancer had surgery and complications. Now she is bed bound with a whole in her neck to breathe through (trach stoma). On the wall in front of her bed for her to see is a picture of herself in her healthy days and a picture of her daughter who is 10. The sad thing is this woman will not get much better than she is. She is so young. As I was helping her tonight a thought came to my mind that had to be from the Holy Spirit with in me "But for the grace of God go I". This could be me or one of my family members. Working here sometimes is hard and trying when patients are very needy and families will not or can not help them causing the nurse to; or when I am called to a room to get someone a Pepsi when I am trying to get my work done with my other patients but it is also sad. But every once in a while God reminds me why He chose me to do this job. To give gentle care to a woman who can not care for herself, or even roll over by herself to use a bed pan. To give a hug to a patient I have known for several years, or just to sit and listen to someone who wants to talk or to those who want to talk but no longer can.
I just want to thank God for allowing me to do what I do and to thank Him for my healthy family.

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