Saturday, March 15, 2014

I am here Work and Fun have begun

Well, I am on the west coast, in Oregon actually. I have an apartment that is about an hour away from my daughter but right up the street from the hospital. My little dog Ollie came with me. Ollie was having a rough time so I had to hook him up with a local vet, they are a true blessing! I am working the night shift and Ollie was having some separation anxiety when I was not here and he was alone. Apparently one night he barked all night, I came home to a nasty note on my front door from an anonymous neighbor saying they turned me in to the apartment complex, the neighborhood watch and if it happened again would turn me into the ASPCA! Crazy, I know! I have no idea who it was but I had a bit of a mental breakdown trying to figure out what I was going to do. I started praying and asking God to handle the situation because I did not know what to do and I was led to the Happy Valley Vet Clinic. I actually was led there! I went to the closest vet to me up the street. They were completely booked, they called another vet clinic and they were booked then they called Happy Valley who said come right up! It is about 10 minutes from the apartment and specialize in separation anxiety! They were so nice. At first they made a plan with medication and other things for him. They also have a kennel on the premise. They usually charge $25 a night to board but since Ollie would be coming at night and picked up in the morning kind of like doggie day care but at night I only had to pay $8 a night! They are wonderful with him! I am Praising the Lord! He looks out for me and even for my dog!
Work is going well. I am now working as a nurse on a cancer floor! Which is where I want to be! I will be here until the end of May. So I have a few months that I get to spend my days off with my grandchildren and my daughter. I think it is a win win!!
I will try to update more often!!
Hope you all are well!!

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