Saturday, March 22, 2014

I want to talk about a great man

I want to talk about a great man. But I have to begin at the beginning. When I was about 11 my parents seperated and divorced. This is common knowledge if you know and have read my blog. As many of you know this was a tough time for me. My dad was always present and there in my life but it seemed as if his family divorced us. We really never felt like family except from a few treasured people in his family. One of them was my Uncle Terry. As far back as I can remember he was always around. He made an effort to spend time with us an and made us feel loved. He is my sister's God Father and I remeber one year when she was still a baby he bought her a stuffed Easter Bunny that took up a whole chair she looked lost sitting on the stuffed bunny's lap. When my parents seperated and then divorced it almost like he did not want us to feel bad so he did nice things for us like taking the family to the amuzement park and spending the day at the park with us. When my mom married my step dad things really did not change because he was my step dad's best friend. So that just got us more time at his house or to spend with him. As it usually happens life goes on and people grow up, get married and move away. I did. So I got caught up in MY life and did not spend much time with him. He had some family issues of his own and when his marrige broke up he became a hermit almost. I remember seeing him a few years ago when my grandmother died sitting outside talking with him. He said I did not go anywhere I am in the same house even have the same phone number, which amazingly I remembered at the time. I can hear the sound of his voice talking to me now when I remember back. I found out today this great man is on hospice. He has cancer. There is no need to do a biopsy because it it everywhere and too far gone to do anything. My pray for him is that he does not suffer, he does not deserve it. My hope is that I get a chance to say goodbye and let him know how he made a difference in my life. But I will not be back by home until this assignemt is over so if God takes him I want the world to know what a great man he was and still is!

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