Sunday, October 25, 2009

Counting my Blessings

I often times come here to complain or whine about what I am thinking and what is going on in my life but lately i have been thinking of the many blessings in my life. I'd like to share a few.
  • I am healthy. I have a few aliments I need to tend to and I do take some medications but all in all I can do what I want when I want independently.
  • I have a wonderful husband who is also healthy; and he loves me, and has for over 30 years.
  • I have two healthy children; who have grown up to be responsible adults who know right from wrong.
  • Both of my children have married good people who treat them well.
  • I have two glorious grand children who are healthy and I cherish them.
  • I have a nice home and a job so I do not need to worry where the mortgage payment is coming from.
  • All three of my parents are healthy and able to live their lives. (three parents mom, dad, stepmom)
  • I have a relationship with everyone of my brothers and sisters.
  • I have a church that I love and am able to work for the Lord which I also love.
I have many more blessings I could add like the sun and the moon and the stars. The trees and the leaves which are such beautiful colors now. (I can see the colors now at my daughters house!) I wonder how could anybody ever look at this beauty and deny there is a God! I could go on and on and on with the blessings in my daily life. Maybe I should make that a practice more often than I do. I try to thank God once a week for the blessings in my life but do not always do it. So I am doing it here now Lord in this public place! Thank you Lord for my many blessings none of which I deserve!


Washer Mom Val said...

Yes, I love the positive outlook. You've had many joyous times lately - keep counting - there is much more to count for all of us.

Anita said...

Hello, kinda stumbled across your blog.
While reading your post, I thought that you are indeed blessed.
More blessings to you!