Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lately I have been thinking

Lately I have been thinking a lot and getting that maternal urge. It may be because I have not seen the kids for a while so hopefully this month seeing both Bryan's family and spending time with Sharon's family will take care of it. I have just been seeing things like with world vision and in church today about children and I want to scoop them up and show them what real love is all about. My sister in law occasionally sends information from the agency where she adopted my niece and their stories and pictures break my heart. I keep thinking I do not have a whole lot of money but I have love and I can share that with them. My husband thinks I am crazy and tells me there will be no more children in his life unless they are grand kids.
Once while we were driving i was talking about this and Kev said "wait be quiet......Nope no one is calling me." Of course I laughed until I almost peed my pants but I wonder why this feeling is so strong in my heart......Is it just menopause or God really calling me to do something?
I decided to do something so I am going to volunteer my time at the Low Country Crisis Pregnancy Center. They know I am a nurse and want to train me to counsel the young women and also use the ultrasound machine. And I have been thinking about missions a little maybe I can help that way with my church.


Dee said...

It is your loving care giver heart speaking. :-)

Letters From Midlife said...

I have a mommy's heart too. I tell my husband I can't go on a missions trip with our church to a baby center in Kenya because I'd want to bring them all home with me!