Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great weekend...wonderful yet sad

This past weekend my husband and I reunited with dear friends who we thought were lost. I know you remember me talking about my cousin who was my friend forever then all the family stuff happened and we lost contact and how it devastated me and when she wanted to reconnect I was afraid to open myself up. Well the Lord had plans for this relationship. On Thursday last week I awoke to a text message from my mom telling me Debbie, my cousin, father in law had passed away. Just a side bar here my husband and Debbie's husband grew up together that is how I met my husband through Rick, Debbie's husband. We both knew Rick's dad well and morned for his passing. Both Kevin and I felt a tugging in our hearts to make the trip home and go to this funeral. We had a few obstacles #1 money, we had about $100 which would be enough to get us there but not back; #2 our dog, she can not stay at my dad's where we usually stay because he is allergic and our dog sitter was going away for the weekend. We decided we could not go but the tugging continued in both of our hearts. I made two calls one to my dad to borrow money to get back home, which I am paying back today and one to my mom to see if we could stay at her new apartment with our dog. Both agreed this was OK. So Friday morning Kevin, Tia (the dog) and I packed into my Subaru and headed home. We did not tell Debbie we were coming I had only texted her my sympathy. I did post on my facebook when I got home that night simple words "we made it, we are here". My sister in law posted after me about it being such sad circumstances. Saturday afternoon at 2pm Kevin and I walked into the funeral home. I was first. The look on both Debbie and Rick's faces told us God had wanted us to be there. Rick came over and hugged us both and cried as he thanked us for coming. Debbie came over to me and we embraced like we never have before both of us crying. I think we stood there embracing for about 5 whole minutes. I told her I loved her and she told me the she loved me. I will never forget that few minutes!
During the course of our only 1 day there, we had to come back the next day so Kevin could go back to work, we talked and talked and talked. I found out she knew nothing about all the lies and threats her mom had thrown towards me in the past year and a half. In fact I learned her mom had stopped talking to her in Jan of 2009 because of a spat they had. We rekindled our friendship and vowed never to let family come between us again. We decided we are friends FIRST!!!
Although all of this happened on such a sad occasion as Rick's dad funeral, I believe this was truly the Lord at work. He knew how much I missed her and she me so He brought us back together!
God is good all the time!!!! Praise His Holy Name!!!

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Dee said...

Becky what wonderful news...God had placed her in your heart knowing the two of you would meet again at this sad time. I am so glad you stepped over your fear and that the two of you will have a good time catching up. A nice Thanksgiving post of Gods goodness.