Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The holidays are on the way....will you be home for Christmas

I have been thinking about the holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Everyone becomes happy and joy is everywhere. People do nice things they buy gifts for friends and family just to see smiles on their faces. There are movies about it and cartoons about it. We decorate our homes and light up our homes.
I have been thinking about it because it didn't seem the same for me anymore. My kids are grown with families of their own living far away. My grandchildren will have Christmas morning and celebrate the holiday with their other grand parents and that made me sad. I stayed that way fro a while and then I started to think today. Why am I sad? Just because I can not spend one day with my kids and their families. After all they are all coming here the week after Christmas for us to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday and we will have a Christmas celebration on New Years day.
I started to think about those people who truly are away from their families for the holidays. The military who are defending our country in foreign lands, who would love to have just one day to celebrate with their families. Missionaries in foreign lands and across our nation who are doing the job they have been destined to do. Prisoners in jails across the country some deserving of their time others who do not deserve to be there wishing every day that they would be able to see their families again. The sick in the hospitals who hurt so bad because of injuries, surgeries or illnesses who only want to have one more day with the families they love. The lonely and alone who do not have anyone to have a dinner with but will spend Christmas alone in their homes or worse on the streets of this nation watching all the fun but never quit getting close to having fun themselves. Those who sit in nursing homes across the country having just another day of the same old thing hoping someone will call or come to visit them today.
For the rest of this holiday season I will not feel sorry for myself. I will not fret because my day is bad or I can not get my way. For the rest of this holiday season I chose to pray for one lost and lonely soul a day to have a good, happy and memorable Christmas day.


Donna's Book Nook said...

You are so right! There are so many that are lonely or have no family, or as you said, can't be with loved ones. We are blessed. Thank you for the reminder to pray for those less fortunate. Donna

Washer Mom Val said...

Good reminders.

Dee said...

This is why I like visiting your post...you take a down attitude, look upward and do the right thing. :)