Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fifteen minutes of Fame but at What price

Seems everyone these days is looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Reality TV is the thing these days. We have a bunch of girls trying to catch the eye of one man who could be the one; and do not forget every once in a while we have 25 guys trying to meet miss right. We have competitions where normal people compete to be called the best chef, hair stylist or designer. We even have young girls who wish to be models compete for the ultimate prize of being the best model. We watch families who are supposed to be living their normal life in front of bunches of cameras. I admit I watch these shows to but when is it too much. After all these are not movie stars they are average people like you and me who are now celebrities because the gave the privacy away for a time for us to watch.
I am wondering if children are involved and parents let the cameras into their lives and then continue to put themselves into the light will the children be scared by this? I am wondering about all this because of the Gosslin children. Kate Gosslin is now going to be dancing with the stars. I am upset about this. The children I am sure will be sitting on the sidelines watching mommy dance and yet again putting a spot light on small children who have no choice in the matter.
So I am wondering is the fifteen minutes of fame really worth it? What is the price in the end? Who benefits and who suffers?
I myself enjoy my boring sometimes too busy life. I do not want not nor never to give up that freedom at any cost.

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Dee said...

Sadly it is all about money.. I am more content with the humble life I live evry time I turn on the T.V. or read the paper.