Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Good News from Doctor

I went for a CT or CAT scan today to rule out the bad stuff my head tells me is wrong with me and my stomach. I drank all the nasty stuff and amazed my self that it stayed down. Went in for the scan, got an IV placed the contrast that goes into the IV feels like a rush of hot stuff surging through your body. Then a very warm sensation, lets just say it feels like you are wetting yourself but you are not.
After the test I went up to spend the day with dad and step mom; I love spending time with them. While I was there I got a call from the doc. The scan was CLEAN no problems which is a good thing. Put the crazy mind to rest now Becky and move on! So whats next obviously I do have a problem with my stomach. The doc is sending me for a small bowel follow through study. Basically this test will follow the contents of my stomach for over a four hour period to see if my stomach has been effected by the diabetes and has a slower absorption rate. I will keep you posted.

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