Monday, April 5, 2010

This and That and what now

Spring break for me is over now but I had a wonderful time. My son and his family came down Thursday night I and I spent two glorious days with my wonderful son, his beautiful wife and my adorable grandson. He is at such a fun age he is walking all around and laughs at everything. It was terrific. The sad part was they had to leave yesterday. It is soo hard. They live with her parents so I do not get to see them as much as I like because I have to rent a hotel room every time I go up there so even though they live only three hours a way I only see them every few months. But the Lord is working in their lives. My son has applied to seminary for the fall. He is praying to get excepted. They go to tour the campus this month. If he is excepted they will have a place of their own and even thoough it is a few more hours away (5) I can go and visit and sleep on their couch. I am excited for their future; the Lord has plans for these two I just know it.
My daughter's pregnancy is coming along well. She has had some cramping but nothing major and it goes away if she SITS down. The baby is a boy and his name will be Remmington William. Remmington my son in law picked out and William is my dad's name they will call him Remy. He is due July 20. I am going to visit in May; I have a nursing conference in San Diego; since I am on that side of the country I will go to see them while I am there. I will get paid to go to the conference so I do not have to take vacation to visit. I can save my vacation for my new grandson. I will go for just a few days when he is born and then Sharon would like me to come in October when her maternity leave is over so he can stay out of daycare for a few more weeks. My son in law should graduate with his associates degree in criminal justice so he will have a degree and experience for a police job. He is applying for 8 different jobs this week. Praying he gets one.'
Kevin is doing good. He gets mad at himself because he forgets things and sometimes drops things. I keep trying to him it is nothing but he gets all upset and looses his patience. Otherwise he is doing good keeping himself busy building and yard stuff around the house when he is not hunting or working.
Me, I got some distrubing news over the weekend. i was not excepted into the School of Nursing at MUSC (Medical University of SC) where I have worked for the past 9 years. It was like a punch in the jaw. I want to find out why but then wonder so I really want to know. I am applying to the school I go to now also but I kinda wanted to go where I work ya know. But Giod has other plans. Just not quite sure what they are right now.


beckymc said...

Actually I found out today that I did not get accepted because they did not get all the appropiate paperwork in time. They were missing transcripts and a reference. SO I am ok with that and going to let it go because the Lord did not want that for me for some reason. I am open to him.

Dee said...

I know it is disappointing for you not to be able to go to the school you desired, but I bet the Lord does have a plan for you and it will reveal itself over time. There are a lot of good things going on in your baby on the way. Your son applying to seminary and your son-n-law graduating...all really good things. I love the name Remmington William (Remy) a big name for a little baby:)