Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just thinking about some things

I am pretty excited that I am headed home at the end of the week. My Nana's birthday is next week and I am going to spend some time with her. She will be 97. I wanted to take her out to dinner. So I called the power person ( I will just call the wicked witch of the north-west, wwothnw; I know this is not nice but it is the nicest way I can refer to this person) Anyhow I called to see if I can take my 97 year old grand mother out to dinner for her 97th birthday. I was told by the wwotnw and I quote "NO YOU AN NOT TAKE HER ANYWHERE! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO VISIT HER BUT YOU CAN NOT TAKE HER ANYWHERE! THAT IS WHERE SHE LIVES AND THAT IS WHERE SHE STAYS!" I said "thank you" and hung up the phone. I stewed for days... because my grandmother is the one suffering; but she at this point does not remember much. She has dementia which means she does not remember things. According Webster's dictionary on line dementia is " a usually progressive condition such as Alzheimer's disease marked by deteriorated cognitive functioning often with emotional apathy." So my grandmother does not really know what is happening. All she knows is she lives there now.
The thing is I can't help thinking about the wwothnw. She is mean; she is vicious; and vindictive when it comes to my grandmother and it is all about power. She has it now and she wants us to know it. I can not imagine living every day with that kind of hate inside. She hates us....and the funny thing is I have no idea why.....

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