Monday, December 13, 2010

mean people want to take away my JOY but I will not let them!!

I am in Pittsburgh now. I made it. I have seen my Nana for two days now once each day. Today i went over to see her after running a few errands to get her some pictures for a collage we are making. I saw the "mean people's" name on the register above the line I had to sign. I also noticed the pages had been turned as to investigate who had been there. I went up stairs to where my Nana's room was and delivered some candy and popcorn I had bought for the staff. I saw the mean people in the hall. They saw me. Looked right at me and ignored me as I walked by to Nana's room. Nana was not in her room so I went back to the desk to ask where my Nana was. I was told she was down stairs playing BINGO. So I went down there. I saw her and pulled up a chair to sit beside her. We talked and I showed her the pictures for about 10 minutes before the "mean people" came in the room. (Mean people formerly addressed in a previous blog as wwonw.) She pulled up a chair and kissed my Nana on the cheek and said "I thought we might take you out for some coffee." (This was said just because me being a nice person called the meanest person of them all to see if I could take my Nana out for dinner for her 97th birthday because I would be in town and she told me no...not even for coffee!) Then my daughter called talked to my Nana for a minute then to me for a minute. I hung up the phone and the meanest of them all said we should go see if the can fix her hair. She pulled my Nana's wheelchair away from the table WE were sitting at and took her AWAY from me left me sitting at the table by myself! As she and her other half of the mean people walked out of the room he said "That's good because I did not like the company here anyway!"
I was shocked I sat there for a minute or two stunned. Then I got up got my coat and went to find the social worker but she was not in her office. The secretary said she would find her for me but I could feel my self getting emotional and told her I would talk to the sw tomorrow....I went to my car and lost it! I was so mad and hurt and devastated because they took my grandmother away from me I could not believe how mean and cruel they were. I talked to my mom, my daughter, and my husband. All who told me they were indeed mean but I should just not let it get me down and go back later...Because if I did they would win they were only doing this to upset me. I thought about it a little then my two sisters called to see how I was ...I lost it again with them...
After that I went to distract my self with some Christmas worked!
I went back this evening and spend 2 whole hours with my Nana. My dad, step mom and sister came just in case the mean people came and tried anything again...They did not!...It was a great visit...
I was thinking on my way home....I love my grandmother dearly. I have kept in touch with her all my life...I have never gone more than a week without talking to her or seeing her when I was close. I have absolutely NO Guilt in my relationship with my grandmother ever!!!
I will not let them take my grandmother away from me!!! I will pray and turn it over to my Lord and He will take care of me and my grandmother. He will restore our Joy and he already has!!!

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