Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year new beginings...

2011 The new year. A time for new beginnings. Everyone has big aspirations like I am going to loose 50lbs or start exercising 4 times a week, or get a hold of my finances or this or that. I have made those big aspirations before. This year all I want to be is healthy. I could loose some weight. I should start exercising. I should get a better handle on my finances. I could do this or I could do that. All I really want to do this year is be more like Jesus. I want to loving like Him. I want to give like Him. I want to forgive like Him. (Although forgiving does not mean I have to forget, but that is a whole other post.) I want to serve like Him. I want to be the person He wants me to be.
So I will try my very best to be all of the above; the truth is my best is like filthy rags to The Almighty and Powerful God but when he looks at me He looks at me through the blood of His son Jesus Christ. So as I said I will try my best and ask Him for help in my every day. That is the best that I can do in this new year with my new beginning.

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Dee said...

Becky, I love your new blog background.♥ I pray your new beginnings are going well. :) Dee