Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Dad

Tomorrow January 31st is my dad's birthday. It kinda snuck up on me this year sop I thought I would dedicate my blog to my dad today. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful God fearing man as my dad. My mom and dad divorced when I was 11. At times it was not pretty but I prayed and prayed. I am happy to say my mom and dad have a great elationshil these days much like brother and sister now.

So let me tell you about my dad. When my dad was young he was quite a hellyon. But the Lord changed all that. I do not know the man every one said was a wild and crazy guy. The dad I know is kind and caring. H cares about people and wants to help people. He is a Christ follower. He is a wonderful example of what a Christian man should be. He has always always been there for me for as long as I can remember. I never have to feel bad to ask my dad for help if I need it he has always been there. Of course once in a while the help came with a lecture but it was still there.
He is respectful of others and just an all around great dad. So great I married a man just like him who also loves him like a dad. He is a terrific Pap; my kids and all the other grandkids and great grandkids adore him.

So on this very special day daddy. I just wanted to say I love you always!! No matter how old I get or you get I will always see my self as Daddy's little girl because that is how you have always make me feel!!

With all the love in my heart!!! Happy Birthday Dad!

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Dee said...

Hi Becky, Happy birthday to your dad. It is so nice to read about how your dad was transformed by the Lord and that you have wonderful memories of him...things could have been much diffrent. Your grands are getting cuter by the minute....what a blessing for you to have these little guys in your life.I like your new blog look.:)