Sunday, March 27, 2011

This and That

Today I just wanted to share some of what is on my brain....I know what your thinking that's scary but any how here goes.....

My brother and sister in law and nephew are at the hospital right now. My sister in law's mom is dying. She has bad lung disease was out on a ventilator a few days ago. She is being taken off today. My heart is breaking for them. All of them. If you have a minute please say a prayer for them.

Yesterday I got an anonymous card in the mail meant to hurt my feeling from a mean and spiteful member of my own family. Someone I have literally know every day of my life since the day after I was born. I am not going to say I wasn't effected by it. Because that would be a lie. When I opened it I felt like I got a punch in the gut that took all the air out of my body. I did carry it around with me for a bit yesterday, the hurt I mean. I wanted to fight back or sink in a hole I wasn't sure which or both. Then after getting counsel from those who love me and going to Kids Pointe, listening to some some good Christan music form Mandisa I thought I felt better. But my sleep last night was filled with crazy scary nightmares.
I went to church this morning listening to the music and the message helped me move way past the hurt, anger and move into Gods healing light. I actually makes me feel sad that someone I know, in my own family would be so hurtful to someone who did nothing to them. Well I know now they are the ones who need prayers not me. I will go on with my life healed by the blood of Christ while this person lives in the hate and meanness they created for them selves.

My hubby just went through the next step to a promotion he has applied for and it is looking very good. Our lives maybe changing soon. It is all in God's hands we have decided to follow His direction on this.

I was working on a project with my last class on STDs to educate young people and was hoping to hook up with a local pregnancy center to get the news and education out. This morning I talked to someone from the The Low Country Pregnancy Center and I am going to talk to them about getting my project out to the public. I am stoked!! If I can help educate young Christians on STDs that would be totally awesome. If I could stop one young female from getting cervical cancer by educating them about STDs like HPV wow! AWESOME!!

In a two weeks I am headed to my daughter Sharon's house for a visit I am very excited!!

That's all for now.....I'll be back soon....Till then...Give praises to the Lord for He is Good and God Bless!

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