Monday, May 27, 2013

Answers to Prayers are not always easy

There is something you want, something you need. You pray for it. Then your prayers are answered. Is it easy street from then on? I am here to tell you NO easy street is not always the way. I was unemployed as many of you know. I prayed for a job. A job came along. Then quickly after the job new opportunities in the job came and I prayed. I got the position offered. Now the really hard work comes and I am finding out I can not do this alone. Prayers got me this job and prayers will help me be the best I can be in this job! Especially when it gets hard and believe me it is right now.

I will ask all of those who follow this little blog please say a prayer for me to be able t do this job to the best of my ability and then let God take over and go that extra mile.

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