Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time flies and Blessings Flow

Hello everyone!!! Time flies when you are having fun! At least that is what they say! I have had many things going on and many blessing from those things so I thought I would share.

  •  My dad had a heart attack a few weeks ago. He had a quadruple  by-pass a week ago Monday. BLESSING- He is home and doing well!! To look at him you would not know he had this surgery. He is in the best physical condition he can be in to make a complete recovery! Today he met with the doctors and he is very good! Does not have to see the surgeon again and return for the cardiologist is 1 year!!!

  •  As I said in the previous post for Hodge Podge. I did get a job. It is crazy how it happened. I thought I was looking for a new church. I went to a few churches closer to my home. One of the churches had a flyer for a hospice company. I went to the web site and filled out the application for a hospice case manager and forgot about it. About a month later I got a call for an interview and got the job. I started working and after two weeks I was asked to interview for the Clinical Director of Hospice for this office. I got that job too! All this is strictly God's plan! It was in His hands from the beginning. It all revolved around our church. We have since gone back to our original church.

  • My sister graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and passed her boards to be a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. Two hard years of work. Praise the Lord!! and she has a job at UPMC Mercy Hospital!
The new job has me running all over the place and working many hours right now because we are just starting out in the central region of Ohio. Some days I start early and don't get home until very late which was making a big stress on my school work for my Master's Degree in Nursing. So I had to make a hard decision to take a leave of absence for a few months. Since I have made that decision the stress is still there but not as intense with school too If I am tired I can fall into bed and not worry about meeting school deadlines. At least for a few months!

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