Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am blessed

I want to take this opportunity and write a blog about how I feel about my daughter in law. I tried this once for my son in law but it was too mushy, so I will just keep repeating that he is my favorite son in law even though I only have one. It could be bad if he was not my favorite!

So my dear Elise this is for you! I want the world to know how blessed I am that my son chose you to be his wife! I love you for many reason, here are only a few.

1. I love the way you love my son! He can be kinda grumpy and lazy sometimes, but you love him anyway. I love it when you laugh at him when he is grumpy and making the grumpy face! You are patient and loving with him and give him the gentle nudge (shove) he needs sometimes to move him into the next step of his life journey. I love that you are there to take care him, and make sure he takes care of himself. He needed a partner like you! I am so blessed he found you!

2. I love your personality. I love that you are Snow White in the field with the animals( I can totally picture you in the dress singing to the birds and squirrels!) and so gentle and caring. But when my son or grandsons need a stern voice you can do that too with love. I love that about you.

3. I love your simple style! I think you are a wonderful home designer and would love for you to design my home! You have a knack of putting things together and they work! I love coming to visit and seeing the latest project! The living room and dining room look great!! Can't wait to se how you do the rest of the house!

4. I love the way you  raise the boys with love, fun and sternness at the same time. They can be the boys they are but when its time for discipline you do that too and it makes them think about the act they are disciplined for but they know you love them and can dance with you in the living room!

5. Finally, for today, I love your faith in God! I love that you guide your family in Christ and teach the boys about the Lord. I love that we can all sit and discuss a Bible study or controversial topic with a Biblical perspective!

My darling daughter in law I could go on and on about how you have blessed my family and my son; but I will end for now. Maybe to write more at a later date, who knows? What I really want to say is I love you and am very glad you are part of my family and I thank God for leading you to my son!

All my love

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