Saturday, September 7, 2013

If it is the Lord's will...when a door closes a window will open

I know this is true! I see it all the time. I just choose not to see it sometimes. Well, today I am choosing to see God's will for me! As you  may know I am a nurse and have been in school working on my Master's Degree in Nursing Education and Informatics. I started a job in March that took up most all of my time. Because of this my grades dropped and I had to take a break from school. I was saddened by this but felt it was best until things either settled down or I got a new job. The latter happened. So I attempted to go back to school last week. I was told by the school that because my grades dropped below the expected grade for the last class I took, I needed to pay for that class before I could start back. Money is an issue for most everyone and it is for us too. This was not a planned expense so I did not have the money and would have to save to get it; which would set me back however long it took to save the amount. Although this amount of money was not substantial it would take a few months to save it. There always seems to be something that happens where money is concerned and now my first paycheck from my new job was lost so I am waiting for another one to be issued. I was upset and could not hold back tears because this is where I feel my career is headed in the future.

I pouted! I cried! and then I prayed. (yes, I pouted and cried before turning to God because I do that.) As I prayed I told God I wanted to follow the plan for my life and if this was not the plan I could handle it. I said it. I prayed it out loud, but did I really mean it? I do not know. The great thing is the decision was in God's CAPABLE hands.

An amazing thing happened yesterday. I got a check in the mail! Only it was not from my work it was from the school! I called them to make sure it was for me and it was correct! IT IS! The check gives me enough money to pay for the class to get back into the program and more!

I do not know why God continues to amaze me when prayers are answered. After all he tells me in His word that He loves me! (John 3:16) Yet when He answers my prayers I am surprised. This is the same God that created the universe! He is amazing! Yet, I doubt.

I can not say this will be an epiphany in my life and I will never doubt again. I am human. I am me, therefore I will doubt, whine, pout and cry. But God is All powerful! And He loves me enough to die for me even when I do not deserve it!
Thank You Lord for continuing to love me even when I am a spoiled brat!


Washer Mom Val said...

Praise God....He has a definite plan for you. This lifted me up...blessings to you!

Washer Mom Val said...

Praise God!