Saturday, July 28, 2007

What to do??

I am a nurse who works in a small hopice center. We have 20 beds so we can have 20 patients at a time. We are usually staffed with 3-4 RNs and 2-4 CNAs. Recently our director, not a medical person, has deceided to bring some LPNs in to the center because of cost. Our issues are this as RNs we can do a lot, LPNs have restrictions espicially when it comes to IV meds. They can not do them. So what that means is I as the RN would have to do all my patient care and give IV meds to the LPNs patient. Somehow that does not seem fair to me. What do you think?
When we started we said we would be staffed with only RNs now we have this going on. I know I sound like I am just whining but, this person they hired has been stirring things up also. SO not only do we have the first issue now we have this person (LPN) who is causing a comotion where there was none. We were working fine together and now she has stirred up some s&^%^#@#@, if you know what I mean. I am going to go for now I will write more later.

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