Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am excited today!!!

For a few years I have had on my heart that I wanted to help people suffering from devastation. I think it started with the pictures of the Tsuanmi a few years ago or it could have been earlier than that. When ever I see an area ravaged by devastaion all I want to do is help. I had a heart for the Katrina victums but did not know what to do. Well this morning at church an oppertunity has arisen and I am going to step up to the challenge, step out of my comfort zone and do some work for the Lord!
Our church, Point North Community Church, is going to take a mission trip to Galveston Texas. I volunteered!
I am scared, I am excited. I am scared because I do not know what I will be asked to do, and will my work give me the time off. You see my daughter and grandson are coming the week before Thanksgiving anfd I want to spend time with them, so I do not want to use up my vacation time for this. So, that makes me scared because I will probally have to do this with out pay. I am excited because I am trusting the Lord and stepping out of my comfort zone for HIM!
Please pray for this mission trip.

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