Friday, October 3, 2008

Sick Today Feeling BLAHHHH!!!

I feel like crap today. Infact it started yesterday my head started to feel like I was in a bubble, my ears felt clogged and my sinuses hurt. Basically my head hurt. I left work early and went to bed at 7pm, I did not even watch Grey's Anatomy! Today I woke up when the alarm went off to feel worse. Not only my head but my stomach was cramping and awful. Needless to say I did not go to work today which makes me mad because I am trying to save vacation time and going to talk to my boss about the mission trip to Texas. I have a meeting with my boss for that on Monday. Please pray for that for me. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow, or I will make myself feel better tomorrow I should say because I have no time to be sick......Do ya hear me Satan!!!! No time.... I have things to do....places to be ...... and a mission trip to prepare for!!!
Also school starts back on Monday so I really have no time........

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