Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Motorcycles you may like them I do not. I did ride on a motorcycle when I was a teenager with my step father and I guess that experience scared me because I do not like them. I have a another problem with those who chose to ride with out a helmet. I know you have a right to ride without the helmet if the state law allows. I have a problem because I am a nurse; I have had patients that have been in accidents without helmets it is not pretty. The accident may not even be their fault but because they were not wearing a helmet they are now suffering a head trauma. It is not pretty. I think after buying a motorcycle everyone should get hit in the head with a hammer (rubber, I do not want to hurt anyone); then they should be told it will feel much worse when your head hits the pavement!
Why am I ranting about this now.? Well it is getting warmer and more and more motorcycles will be on the road and like I said I am a nurse so I may see these patients after an accident this summer.

I will stop ranting now and I know I ill pray for all those riding this summer!


Washer Mom Val said...

Amen sister. Young man in his 20's passed away in our community - 3rd day after he bought a motorcycle - no helmet, wasn't his fault - but he didn't make it. Friends nephew in a hospital recouping form head trauma - motorcylce, no helmet. People post signs "Beware, Motorcycles are everywhere" for awareness - but they don't stress the helmet factor. If you have $50 worth of brains - wear one! Thanks - feel better after that tangent!

Donna's Book Nook said...

I'm a nurse too,(retired) and I totally agree. My husband jokingly said he should get a cycle to save money on gas. After my little spiel to him, he said he wasn't serious and would never get one. Whew! That worry is over!

Dee said...

Hi, My Frank just took a motorcycle class and has dreams of getting a motorcycle this summer. I have fought him for years over this but this time i gave it to the Lord. Seriously i don't think he can fit a motorcycle into our budget. He barely made it thru the class with his bad back and the fatigue from his heart..MEN!