Monday, May 3, 2010

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I have a job interview on Wednesday morning. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. I would love the job it is a nurse navigator job in the mammo department. I would take care of coordinating all care for those who have a mammo problem. It is a Mon- Fri job 8-4:30. I can ride the bus to work so I will not have to drive every day.
I am apprehensive because Kevin has talked to his bosses about a lateral move closer to home and I do not know what is happening with that. I would hate to start a new job and then he get a transfer and move but I really do not know what is happening with that yet.
I have to go to the interview to get particulars but what to do?? what to do?? and of course I have not been hired anywhere yet.
Sometimes I just need to talk and get the thoughts out of my head so they go here.

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Dee said...

It will work out...but big choices for ya.