Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spending time on the West Coast

My Ethan and his new dinosaur

San Diego Bay
Bridge to Cordoba, Ca

view from our room

I am getting much more adventurous in my old age. I went a nursing conference in San Diego, CA. I was actually going by myself for a while then a friend from work wanted to go also. The great part was that our work paid for the trip. So when I get home I will be reimbursed for the whole trip. Since Was here on the west coast I decided to stop at Sharon's; I am here till Sunday.
So a funny thing happened to me at the conference. I don't know if I have mentioned it here but Kevin and I have been thinking about moving closer to home and our families. There is a mill in Ohio about 3 hours from home and Kevin does know the plant manager. So I have been looking at hospitals in the area. OK, so I get to the conference go to my first session a special interest group (sig) about breast cancer and one of the women in charge was from the hospital I was checking out in Ohio! Funny, huh! I talked to her and told her we were thinking about possibly moving to the area. She told me to stop at their booth and talk to the nurse recruiter. I could not find them at that time.
Next day I wanted to go to a talk about neuro-cancer. I ended up in the room with the surgical oncology sig. Several of the people in this group were from OHIO!! I actually will probably work more closely with them on a few projects from national. I finally did find their table and one of the girls from the sig were there and gave me the nurse recruiters card to contact her. Hmmmmmmmm!!!
I went all the way to San Diego to meet people from Ohio! Think someone was trying to tell me something????!!!

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Bryan McClelland said...

Obviously, that someone was trying to tell you to MOVE!!!...to Wake Forest...

I love you!