Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dealing with my feelings

Yesterday, well actually two days ago I found out some news that I have to say totally disappointed me. I stewed long enough now I have to get it out and be the Christian woman God wants me to be. I found out my 20 year old unmarried niece is pregnant. I was not mad at her amazingly but I was very upset at my sister, her mom. I decided I will be supportive to my niece throughout this and be there if she needs me. That actually will not be a problem at all. The hard part will be being supportive to my sister. The whole situation is a very long story that i will not bore everyone with. All I will say is she dropped the ball and it let it bounce all over her house. SOOOO, I am gong to have to pray about this. I will pray for my relationship with my sister and the situation with my sister and my niece.

I needed to write this tonight to get it out there and off of me. So I can move on and be the supportive person God wants me to be.

Dear Lord, I pray for health for the baby my niece is carrying. I also pray for the lives of my niece, her baby, and her boyfriend. Thank you Lord.....

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Dee said...

Becky, I am sure God will direct you on how to be supportive with out getting in the middle of your sister and nice's relationship.:)