Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wonderful weekend

This labor day weekend I have spent at my son's house at Wake Forest, NC. He has started seminary there and moved his family. (Just wanted to update from my previous post. He got a job working for a security firm. He will of course have to pass a drug test and back ground check but there will be no problem with that. Then he will start part time on the weekends. My daughter in law has an interview with WIC and the school system.)
Any how spending time here is wonderful. They do not have any cable or satalite for their tv yet and get no reception so we have not had TV. SO we have had long conversations and just sat and watched my grandson Asher play, it has been a great visit. We have one more night and will leave after lunch tomorrow. We went to church with my son and his family this morning; it was a great service. The mere fact that my son and his family are happy and all the bills are again paid for a second month is a wonderful gift of God.
I admire the faith of this young family as they stepped out on faith alone. Neither of them knowing a head of time that they had jobs just knowing this is what God wanted them to do and where he wanted them to be. As we visit we have seen many mre families in the same area having had the same experiences. I admire them all and praise God for this young generation willing to follow His word in a worl where that is no longer the thing to do.

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