Friday, October 22, 2010

Melt Down

I am at my son's house for a few days. Today I watched my grandson have a melt down and it made me think of something. How often do we as adults and especially Christian adults have melt downs when we do not have our way. How many times have I raced somewhere because i was running late because of my own fault only to get angry at the person in front of me who is driving slower than I would like.......How many times have I called customer service about something and got upset because I talked to machines instead of a person...then when the person got on the line I was upset with them for no reason at all but because I had talked to machines for a few minutes....How many times a week does my Father think I need a time out, sent to my room, or even need a spanking....HHMMM...
I get so busy with the life I think I need to keep going that I sometimes forget what is really important. My relationship with God. O don't get me wrong I Love the Lord and truly long to be with Him but most days I am soo busy with what "I" have to do that I forget or do not have time to spend with my Lord and Saviour. It is as unacceptable as it sounds. I know I should spend time with God first and then see to my needs and wants but do I always do that? No, I don't; do you? I have good intentions I want to spend time with God then I must get a shower do this or do that and somehow God get pushed to the end of my day....As I listen to my 2 year old grandson have his meltdown I wonder how many times do I sound like that to my God and Father.....HHHMMMM

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Dee said...

I hate to admit it...but I am guilty of this more than I want to say. I keep a lot of my feeling's inward but the Lord see's my heart. :(