Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not so good experience helped me make a decision

Last Monday I had a experience that leaked into Tuesday that helped me make a major decision in my life. I'll start at the beginning.

I woke up Monday afternoon after working the night before; every thing seemed fine. I felt a little hungry but starting cooking dinner so I thought I will be eating soon. I will be OK. I was cooking chili. My stomach started to get a little upset and I started to get nauseated so I ate a pop tart, mainly because it was something to eat quickly. Kevin left for work on the night shift. I thought I'll just watch TV a while then eat letting my stomach calm down a little since the pop tart. All of the sudden while doing nothing but sitting on the couch totally relaxed; I started getting chest pain. At first I was not alarmed then the pain got much worse; it felt like crushing in my chest and on top of my arms. I became startled and called my doctor thinking maybe I could be seen in the after hours clinic for some kind of stomach issue.
They made me call 911 and come to the hospital. An ambulance arrived and I was wisked to the hospital, mostly mortified because I was in an ambulance.
In the ER I they did tests and decided to admit me for further testing.
I was admitted and spent the night in the hospital. The next day tests were done and I got to go home. I am told heart test come back good although I have to go see my doctor next week (she had to leave town because her nurse's dad died and she was going to the funeral. She told this Tuesday morning when she came into see me.)
Whiling laying around in the hospital alone I made some decisions. Every heart test was coming back normal; which is good don't get me wrong. But still something was wrong to give me that pain. I attribute it to low blood sugar. I get very symptomatic when my blood sugar gets in the 70s. Normal is 80-110.
Diabetes has been ruling my life for the past ten years. I try to loose weight and I gain it back. All the time trying to balance my diet and exercise so my blood sugar does not get to too high or too low. This has not been fun.
A while ago my doctor talked to me about gastric bypass. This procedure has been noted to CURE diabetes in 85% of those who have the surgery. I have decided to take the risk to be in that 85%. The whole process will take a few months before the surgery is even scheduled but I have started the process and plan to go through with it. Kevin and I have talked about it in length. I have only told a handful of my family members mainly because I actually do not know why. I have confided in my husband, my children, my parents and now you.
Once the process starts to be more actively I think I will start another blog to journal my struggles and triumphs. As for now I ask for prayers from my prayer warrior friends.

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