Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

A couple of my blogging friends have done these entries and I thought I would too every once in a while so here goes.

Outside my window The sun is shining through the trees in the yard. It looks like its going to be another beautiful day.

I am thinking It is wonderful that the Chilian mine workers are being rescued. I am amazed that they kept their minds together for so long in such a small space. I am clostrphobic. I am sure I would not have made it 10 minutes let alone 69 days. The nurse in me is wondering if they will have any long term health problems from the experience.

I am thankful for my husband, who is in the kitchen right now making breakfast. My family whom I love dearly and all the blessings the Lord has bestowed on me.

I am wearing my night gown, not too pretty actually, my daughter gave it to me just a simple t shirt dress some would wear out. I have no idea what I will wear today, hmm I think Jean capri pants and a t shirt.

I am rembering Jessica, a little girl who was stuck in a well many years ago and wondering how she is today.

I am going to a Women's Conference tomorrow with the ladies from my church. It is at a resort in Litchfield, South Carolina about an hour and a half from my home. I am excited to spend time with my CHristian sisters and learn what the Lord has planned fro me to learn.

I am reading for school I am reading Advanced Theroetical Perspectives for Nursing, hmm interesting stuff (not really but o well gotta do it) and for my pleasure I am reading The Centurian's Wife by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke a compelling story of the personal slave girl of Pilot's wif and a centurion who are investing the missing body after Christ rose from the grave. I am getting to the good parts now although the reading has been a bit slow because of the interesting stuff I have to read for school.

I am hoping many things come to mind..I am hoping I soon hear that I got the job I applied for so I can work a regular Mon-Fri 8-5 job. My son in law will start the job he got at Fed EX and be able to move east soon so I can be a daily part of my grand sons lives. My sister and brother in law and his brother can recover the losses from the embelzement of their company from thier receptionist so they can keep their business they worked so hard to make.

On my mind my family as always how are my daughter and her family doing; my son and his family. My mom who is with my brother and his family helping with my neice who is recoevering from a couple surgeries for clubbed feet. My grandmother in a nursing home in Pennsylvinia hoping I cn see her soon. My school work, what do I have to do today. My house that needs cleaned, the master bedroom which needs repaired from a leak from our air conditioner which knocked down part of the ceiling that my ghusband says we can now remodel as we had wanted too, but where is all the money coming from? When will all the construction be done? Why can't someone from HGTV call me and come to fix it that would be nice.

From the kitchen absolutely nothing except the dishwasher humming doing our dishes. I have never claimed to be the domestic godess. Infact today it is Kevin's cooking day on the egg. (his new cooking toy that can grill, bake and roast)

Around the house I am thinking needs a gentle cleaning today and maybe its time to get the fall decorations out....and of course the construction project that is stalled because of finances

Plans for the week getting myself ready for the womans retreat and then Saturday kevin and I head to Atlanta for the Big Green Egg festival....I am pretty excited.

One of my favorite things riding my bike and spending time with my husband and my best friend, or maybe we will go canoeing...hmm just love spending time with him.

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