Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window the fall has finally reached the south...the leaves are falling from the trees and make a magical crunch as I walked across the front yard to get the mail. The air is still warm as the south should be but cool enough to enjoy it..

I am thinking God is good all the time

I am thankful for I am truly blessed. I have many friends the Lord has lead into my life from several venues from in person to Internet connections. My family is terrific and I my husband and I are both working

From the kitchen today I have something cooking!! ;) I have double chocolate brownies in the oven....and later stuffed meatballs

I am wearing jeans, comfy sock slippers and a flannel shirt

I am studying the respiratory system

I am going to teach at church later Kids Pointe, then church in the morning and back to work tomorrow night

I am reading still reading the centurion's wife getting to the good part

I am hoping I can go home to see my grandmother soon....she will be 97 on Dec 15 this year

I am hearing the washing machine on the spin cycle and Tombstone the movie in the living room

Around the house the living room needs vacuumed when Kevin wakes fall decorations are out in the dining room....the smell of brownies lingers around the house

One of my favorite things I love Autumn...the way the trees turn colors of the rainbow a picture painted by God for us to enjoy

A few plans for the week usual school and work....Kevin and I are going down town Charleston for a date and dinner on Thanksgiving, then shopping on Black Friday

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Dee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Becky. I was just looking on the side bar at how cute all your grands are getting.:)