Saturday, February 5, 2011

1970 something and other thoughts

This is a photo of 1970 something.

I am told it is 1975. I am the second one in from the left. My sister Norma is first on the left then me, Laurie, Linda, Margaret,and Sherry.

Recently we have all hooked up again because of facebook! We are going to get together this March after not seeing each other for 20 years. We saw each other for a ten year reunion then lost touch. The second picture is at the ten year reunion. Last year the girl in the front with the black and white checkered shirt died of brain cancer. Her name was Linda Cutshaw; we called her Chow.

January 28 was 25 years ago the space shuttle blew up after lift off and the country watched the explosion and wept together. I was sitting in a hospital watching the TV screen as my husband was getting a hernia repair surgery. Then I sat with him all day and watched the news all day. After surgery he woke up from time to time. When I came into the room the next morning my husband asked me "Hey did you see that space shuttle blew up."

My best friend, and cousin's husband needs to have open heart surgery on Monday. My cousin and I lost touch too. I am sad to say that one was to lies told by family members who came between us. But God knew we needed each other so he brought us through the lies to a new and better relationship. My husband , Kevin and her husband Rick have also been friends for a long time and got lost in our relationship. They met each other in 7th grade. My cousin and her husband is actually how I met my husband. Anyhow Rick is having open heart surgery on Monday. Prayers for him would be so appreciated.

I had this small red spot on my face on my left temple. I work with cancer people right so of course I think of the worst. I asked the head and neck cancer nurse to look at it. She told me to come over to clinic and have the doc look at it. So when I get a brake I head over to the clinic. The nurse practitioner over there is a friend so she asks me whats up. I show her this spot. She looks, touches it and says 'Hmm let the doc look at it." The doc is not there right now so they tell me to come back later in the day. So I head back to work and come back later in the day. Two of the docs are there and they look at the spot on my temple. They tell me they think they should do a biopsy. That was Thursday afternoon and I am still waiting for result of my biopsy. I checked to see if it was done Friday before I left work and it was not. SO here I sit waiting for Monday to look again and find out what to do. I am not scared though. I was at first but not any more. I have a crazy sense of peace about this no matter what it turns out to be.

House renovations have finally shifted into high gear. I can hear hammering in the back ground as I am typing. Kevin is getting things ready for the work men to come and do the renovations.

Well that is all my thoughts for this moment. I'll add more later.

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