Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back in South Carolina for the weekend

Here we are back in our SC house for the weekend. We needed to pick up a few things and thought this was a good time. I feels kinda weird to be in the house after not being here for 2 months. Everything is as we left it. But there is no tv here now all systems have been turned off except water and electric. The house is still for sale the price has been dropped to $199,900.00 which is a very good price considering we just updated with hard wood floors, granite counter tops and new appliances.
We had a great dinner tonight with friends. Are going to our church tomorrow morning and having lunch with more friends.

The best part about the trip is we got to see our son and his family. We got in last night and spent the night and got as much loving from our grandsons as we could get in about 12 hrs. This is only a weekend trip, Kev has to go back to work on Tuesday night; I don't have to go back till Thursday but I need to get a new tire on my car.

I had a blow out in my front drivers side tire on my last day of work and that's when I realized I am really not in the south any more! After watching several construction workers walk by me I started to count 30!!! That's right 30 construction workers walked by me sitting in my car on the side of the road, front tire flat and spare sitting beside it! I know some of you might be saying I should have changed the tire my self, but I do not know how to use the jack. Sorry, I guess I am a girly girl. Then all the sudden I hear some one say "Mam, can I help you? Do you need someone to change a tire?" Yes I said and a nice gentile man changed my tire for me. About 5 minutes up the road I got a call from road side assistance asking if I still needed help. I told him no some had came to my rescue.

So thats that for now.... Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Joyce said...

I was in SC too...glad you were rescued : )